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30 year old man dating 20 year old woman

Are you saying women don’t contact men based on hear priority women have? I just wanted to can’t stand old men who think they are actually young and can get young chick’s when they really look like the girls dad or even grandpa and are just putting up with the interviews are like dating 20 year Olds spirit of youth to make themselves feel better.

I was repulsed by him, even though he was physically beautiful, BECAUSE I AM NOT A PEDOPHILE! We are both from a Western, English speaking nation. I’m a woman in my biological and sexual prime and I’m definitely not attracted to you. Glad things worked out that way. The young woman is an outward expression of the older man’s conquering prowess, a token.

At 23, my 26 year old friend is dating a guy in his 30s and my 30 year old man dating 20 year old woman soman old friend is dating a guy whos mid 20s.

She will never know how much I make or how much I have in the bank. I can almost guarantee the average 20yr old dude doesnt have anywhere near the amount of life experience I have. I know you wish it were something else, but it isnt. I know a 52 year old guy currently salivating over and chasing down hook up in ibadan 19 year old girl (someone I work with).

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Downvoting is against site rules ya filthy fucking animals! He was very confident and would not give up…he showed up everywhere I was and I got to know him.

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But, I think we agree that there are more important things in life than sexual market value. Aside from celebrity examples, which I understand skew a bit because of their “celebrity” and ability to control their aging differently, I’ve seen many absolutely stunning and sexy, everyday 30s or 40-somethings who are in killer shape, don’t “look their age”, and could pull any hot/successful/whatever-type man/woman they very well wanted…looks alone, at least (not talking about relationships here talking about who’s more attractive). As a sidenote to all the older men – Me and my other good looking 21/22 yr old friends say we would not go over 35 at this point in our lives. Christian Rudder, president of OkCupid, is the guy who digs up the numbers from the millions of people using his free dating site.

Also I think women integrate more than compartmentalise so may have made other assumptions about the males they saw which broadened their age choice than if they could just choose based on the physical alone – which I wonder if it would be closer to the males choice if we are talking just visceral response. That was the OKCupid book Dataclysm. Either way, that still only makes you more attractive than you are right now. I’ve heard women often think emotionally and wonder if something along those lines aren’t happening here.

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Men nowadays have hundreds of women ready to choose from… it’s disgusting. Meager goals for a whole 10 years. Of course, to a man, a younger woman is more attractive. Same thing for fat or ugly women.

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They like good looking, fit, handsome men, so stop being a fatass. Have you heard of an actor named Hugh Jackman? The woman has had to settle for someone older. Theyre dumb and childish and they arent even that great in bed, and even if they are hot they have tons of body issues and low self esteem.

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Jillian Micheals is 40yrs old- she’s got a smokin’ hot bod! I actually threw up a bit in my mouth.

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Sums up most 30 year old guys, bad teeth as well. Either it would go nowhere, or I would have a less boring week.

Men are attracted to 20 year olds because they are insecure about getting old. Also depends on what you look like at 50, how fit you are, if you are set in your ways. I’ve read that for some men it’s about status and not relationship or biology.

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