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And to think I’m missing out on dating a groovy Scientologist who thinks that LRH talks to him every day. We wanted to take a moment and catch dating charles xavier would include up with how our dating application is coming along plus give you a peek at one of the surveyed features thats going to be available shortly.

Discussion in News affinity scientology dating Current Events started by CuppyCake, Nov 4, 2010. I’m making this post because I have two questions that I’d like to ask of anyone who may affinity scientology dating an opinion. Even more disagreements about money than normal couples.

Willigst du ein, ihre Identität geheim zu halten? Scientilogy Hubbard scoentology to affinity scientology dating on the subje… twitter.

You see, Affinity Exchange has recently become part of the Conscious Dating Network, the largest exclusively conscious dating network on the Internet. Clearly, we are in the apocalypse. Scientologists who are your friends just start dropping away.

Then I read on the site that members have to be “In good sciemtology with $camology.

One girl in CA got married to a guy cons of dating a bodybuilder had money and then immediately proceeded affinity scientology dating reg him to let her have his 401K that he’d spent decades of hard work accummulating to pay for her OT V affinity scientology dating. But is Scientology somehow linked to a con game? If you are not sure, please send me your full name, and Username (if you remember it) and ask me to check.

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I can’t help but giggle at the photos tagged “Flag Inappropriate”. Each company now acts as a portal into the same combined database of members. So wait - were not sure - is it spiritual?

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Let’s “hit the cans” together and zoom off into the night in my “DC-8 of Love” ! Interview with @JeffreAugustine on various things #scientology Mike Rinder: Tom Cruise, Top Gun 2, USC, and Sciento… twitter. One of the profiles had, in all caps, “NO OUT ETHICS ON THE 2D! Perhaps I’d buy some eggs and leave them unrefrigerated for 2 or 3 weeks, then put a few into a garbage bag and crush them from the outside so that I would not be able to smell them but anyone who opened the bag would have to deal with the horrible stench of rotten eggs while they examined my garbage.

Refusing to write a knowledge report on your 2D if you believe he may even be thinking bad thoughts. On the eve of Valentine’s Day they seem oddly apropos. If i’m having a day where i need cheering up I pop over to STAAD and just reread his rant about Eric Idle telling him to F**k off.

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Why wouldnt one just message, or am I missing the point? Thank gawd scientologists have the church (OSA) to tell them who the scientologists not-in-good-standing are. I would bet SERIOUS money that the WOG would nope the hell outta there.

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The reasons are minor but because it’s scientology it’s major. A dating service called “Affinity International” in Australia apparently conned a man out of more than $200,000. What a wonderful powerful episode! Wasnt this the site where some anons set up bogus ads saying they were David Miscavage, Tommy Davis, Xenu, and whatnot?

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What we found by reviewing the online dating sites is that there appeared to be many of the same faces on those sites without knowing if you or people on those sites actually got the product of finding someone to create a relationship with. Though this could necessitate a change to the traditional wedding vow, “ Till death do us part. Our original research revealed that the options for you to meet another person belonging to our group, in order to date, get to know or create a relationship with, were rather limited.

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From Tony Ortega: http://tonyortega. According to the 1982 Bulletin, Pain and Sex, sex “When sex enters the scene, a being fixates and loses power. SP tech:My bridge/career is not working because you are an SP.

Well, there are consequences to joining a Scientology dating service. How nice for someone who goes by the handle ‘Ron Bruise’. Oh my, my dynamics affinity scientology dating considered all messed up. Just a bit bigger than the numbers scientology touts (but Sxientology more reliable).

Met a nice women and said “I am new to the dating scene.

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