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Are crash and mars from z99 dating and Dan do have some boundaries. They datung one of their most popular segments that listeners still talk about was at a station in North Bay, Ontario, when Jamie was coming off six weeks maternity leave and doing the show from hookup app love. Just listen to the radio for proof.

Dan says, “My vasectomy was fair game. So while Dan was sipping Margaritas by the pool, his better half was making breakfast, tending to the baby and trying to get the older kid off to school while trying to do the morning news all at the same time. Me: Ate Stage is the best movie ever.

The only limit to what most of these folks reveal about themselves on the air – aside are crash and mars from z99 dating the CRTC code of conduct – is that you can only hear what’s going on. Little bits of their married life come through here and there, often as mundane as any married life. It’s not Terry, Bill and Steve, in other words. I might talk about eating at a certain restaurant, going to folk fest or seeing a certain movie, but the personal stuff doesn’t marss up very often.

Did you know the flap on the @McDonalds fry box is to hold ketchup? I don’t want my kid blurting out something they heard daging a radio show.

Andrews says, “I don’t share a are crash and mars from z99 dating of my personal life on air. Moreover, both Jamie and Dan are in their mid-30s, and so were impressionable children when Donahue first appeared on TV, lancaster dating he was the guy who started this whole “no secrets among strangers” trend. They’ve branded themselves as such for most of their married-broadcasting career, having met as teenagers when they were working at a radio station in High River.

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Sonic’s morning man Garner Andrews talks about how he liked the “mystery” of radio. Old people used to keep a few things to themselves, you may remember: their sex lives, their income, that time dad didn’t come home one night it was a matter of decorum that one didn’t air dirty family laundry. FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #yeg pic.

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No word on whether they’ll be live tweeting their wedding night. They admit they do have arguments from time to time that don’t make it on the air. Radio Today at 4:42 PM Ok, what did you leave behind or what did someone else leave in your car/house?

One recent topic was about the idea that a lot of people who want to get divorced don’t do it because it’s too expensive, prompting a female caller to tell her story of splitting up to become a broke single mom, “and her telling her real story can change someone’s life,” Jamie says. By using Twitter’s services you agree to our Cookie Use and Data Transfer outside the EU. Most of the popular announcers are expected to share EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of their fabulous lives, because making human, personal connections is so important these days. People apparently say that about them all the time.

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Not all local radio announcers are open books. She says she takes inspiration from her cousin, noted aboriginal film director Georgina Lightning, who came from tough times. Crash and Mars, meanwhile, have been mum on their marriage – devoting most of their shows, as they tend to do, to reading listener texts and laughing about them.

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By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. And they won’t say anything on the air that they wouldn’t say in front of their kids – the general guidelines for what’s appropriate for five- and nine-year-olds being roughly the same as Lite 95. What’s clear is that these lovely couples are selling portions of their personal lives to their listeners, in exchange for popularity, in exchange for ratings, in much the same way as reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian sell themselves because they have nothing else to sell, no creative work apart from themselves, nothing to offer the public beyond their own fabulous lives that are continually made more fabulous in the sale, and let us marvel at the great circle of life. EdmontonOilers #LetsGoOilers #EdmontonOilers #1023NOWRadio pic.

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You’re bringing your life, your stories, to people. Asked if there’s anything they won’t share with their listeners, Jamie replies, “What do you want to know? Short answer to the million dollar billboard question: They will, they do, and they should.

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Radio Today at 6:11 PM So what was chasing YOU? For those not satisfied with leaving the rest to the imagination, there’s always Facebook. Program director Mark Hunter didn’t return calls to talk about this story, though perhaps that has to do with an article we published last fall called Up!

Me: Center Stage is the best movie ever. Listen to the show live M-F 5:30 am - 10am MST on 102. But it was only through people she could talk with, sharing their vating that ate could feel strong enough to do that.

It’s clear they’re gearing up for some reality show-style shia matchmaking event matrimonial spectacle – and just watch their ratings go through the roof when that happens.

Crash and Mars, the morning crew on Now!

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