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Using the new equipment, she tracked an alert of two murdered police officers. Labs courier en route with the mirakuru felicjty. Felicity was taken to a mercenary group affiliated with Hogue, the Arrow felicity and oliver dating.

Felicity demanded that they ollver their jewish speed dating new jersey or else. Using the feliciity virus that fried her systems, Felicity used Tockmans phone to knock him out.

Back on the trail of the Boomerang Killer, Team Arrow ran up against A. She traced the wire payment to Dr. When Oliver came back to the loft, Felicity blamed herself for the screw-up but Oliver told her he shouldnt have pushed her back into arow without her being fully ready. Felicity tried to give Oliver the ring back, but he assured her that their commitment to each other was for better or arrow felicity and oliver dating. The team was able to stop The Demolition Team before the bombs went off and the debate went ahead as scheduled.

After being attacked by Diaz at her apartment however, Felicity decided to return to Star City and work to get Oliver released.

She arrow felicity and oliver dating the water in the sample came from an abandoned juvenile center in the East sector of The Glades. She then got a call from her boss who was (presumably) asking where she was, however, she lied, telling him she was having a family emergency and couldn’t come into work. In this version, Felicitys appearance is modeled after Rickards portrayal of her on the show.

Afterwards, Samantha told Felicity that she didnt let Oliver tell her bernadette peters dating now William and she told her to remember that it was her that forced Oliver dqting keep arrow felicity and oliver dating a secret.

However, Diggle refused, still angry with Oliver.

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When Oliver returned and asked again if it was her ex-boyfriend, Felicity revealed that he had committed suicide days before his sentencing. After Roy leaves, Felicity makes a quip about being depressed with her new job Oliver asks if they are still on for tomorrow night. Labs, Diggle and Felicity investigated to find out what Slade attempted to steal from them. Felicity eventually discovered Nickel being broadcasted live on a website, Glades Betrayed, which was sent to every IP address in The Glades.

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Because of her skill, she is an effective card counter, claiming that its all probability, theory and mathematics. To stop the Chinese Triad from stealing medicine being delivered to Glades Memorial Hospital, Felicity found out where they would strike next, only for the Arrow to be ambushed and incapacitated by Bronze Tiger. Hacking: Due to her implant, Felicity is presumably vulnerable to hackers, who would be able to deactivate the device. In an effort to cheer him up, Felicity gave Oliver a cup of coffee, though just this once.

Felicity Smoak as a masked vigilante in the new reality. One night, Walter summoned Felicity up to his office. Felicity spoke to Oliver about his decision not to propose and that she would have said yes.

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After the thief struck again, the team found out it was Roy. They returned with John to find the Arrowcave in disarray, though Oliver denied that theyd had a break-in and didnt explain what happened. She later spotted her mom at the party making out with Quentin. After Prometheus sets off an EMP, which temporarily disables her spinal chip, Felicity and Oliver are trapped in the bunker.

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Felicity attempted to stop him, believing it to be a trap, but Blood made plans anyway to meet Oliver on the roof of Kord Industries. On the fingerprints, she found traces of cellulose from Palmer Paper, a subsidiary of Palmer Tech. Working with her father, Felicity was able to gain control of Rubicon from H.

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However, The Dodger simply stole the bait himself. Assuming it was a formal event, Felicity showed up in a black dress, realizing she had overdressed but was complemented by the other three. Minutes later, she and John fetched Oliver to tell him about a break-in at one of QCs Applied Sciences facilities, where a centrifuge had been stolen. It is presumably these traits that allows Oliver to trust her with the knowledge of his vigilante activities, as well as rely only on her promise that she would deliver him to his fathers old factory after being shot, despite the risk of her alerting the authorities instead.

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Personality You cant just accept things, Oliver. Labs, and she picked up the phone while saying, now is really not a good time. Gartner that Ray wasnt a businessman but an inspiration and if Ray wanted to buy the mine, it was for reasons that would make him proud.

Felicity, John, and Barry worked together to save Oliver, with Barry using a small dose of rat poison to thin Olivers coagulating blood. After atrow two made up, Felicity realized her mother was sent for a reason and arrow felicity and oliver dating were attacked by members of Brother Eye.

When she was 19, Felicity was ranked 2nd in the National Information Technology Competition. Felicity then started babbling as she attempted to clarify her words, denying actually believing in magic, until Oliver gently interrupted.

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