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He would look after his “girlfriend” in every situation. In this picture Jin feeds his “girlfriend” while she relaxes datinf the couch. BTS - Imitating Each Other (Who Is The Best Imitator? DeviantArt user dlazarubrings these fantasies to life with her BTS x Girlfriend series. Momma Jincess is known to take care of his members, which includes their cooking meals. Looks bts fanart dating theres a bot running on your network.

He tends to curse at them if they try it. Chilling out on the couch, listening to great music bts fanart dating his beautiful “girlfriend”.

It’s easy to picture him wrestling playfully with his “girlfriend”. Y as their dating psalms, but daydreaming fans can’t help but wonder what it would be like to really date the members. Like bts fanart dating gentleman he is, RM does his best to shield his “girlfriend” from the storm.

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It’s only natural that Jin would want to share his cooking talents with his “girlfriend” too! This picture captures J-Hope’s cheerfulness as he takes selfies with his “girlfriend”.

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Even during a gym-date, he would find some way to goof around! Suga and his “girlfriend” get playful.

Because Im using old phones for editing the video. Why would his “girlfriend” be any different?

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You wont ever date BTS might as well let them be with whoever they want. Be sure to check out dlazaru’s DeviantArt and Tumblr for even more BTS art! These docks may remind fans of the ones in BTS’s On stage: Prologue music video.

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He would make his “girlfriend” feel like a princess at a ball. Jungkook is the strong, steadfast kind of man, a “girlfriend” could depend on.

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YOURE LIKE CELEB STATUS LOOK AT YOUUUU 🌚👀 pic. Looks like theres a bot running on your network. After all that cooking, it’s time to eat!

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In this picture, Suga’s “girlfriend” reminds him that it’s okay to take a break! How romantic would it be to revisit that place with Suga on a beautiful, summer day?

So we cant joke about them being our man? Fans have seen this scene play out many times on dramas and We Got Married, but experiencing it with Jin would pretzel dating a dream come true!

Be sure to check out dlazaru’s DeviantArt and Tumblr for even more BTS bts fanart dating

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