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Changsub dating rumors

Things K-Idols Say That Seems Like Fake Subs But Arent (SuJu, BTS, GOT7, BlackPink, Twice. Changsub dating rumors : Joo Kyulkyung changsub dating rumors take legal action against dating rumors with chaebol Wang Sicong Source : Newsis via Naver 1. The reason why fans are raged to hear Lee Changsub.

On July 14, Lee Chang-sub from group BtoB is datiing fire of an alleged love affair involving actress Jung Jae-eun. Its okay to changsub dating rumors in a online dating when he still logs on, but did he really have to be that obvious in front of his fans? I seriously dont understand him. The idol industry really is selling a fantasy relationship between an idol and their fan.

BTS,TWICE,GOT7,SEVENTEEEN,SHINEE,ETC. Unfortunately, the incident has not left the singer unscathed. Didnt she have a dating scandal with ZE:As Dongjun too. In the video, the people are seen walking down the steps of a coffee shop.

Do you guys think these idols are your possessions? Kyungri breaking off a hookup Solar wear the same swimsuit with diff. I wasnt there that day but they became awkward datingg dating rumors surfaced in midst of the show period, and emphasized, I didnt catch any strangeness between them. Dating changsub dating rumors previously arose when a fan-taken video of them looking close with their arms linked circulated online, but both of their agencies denied any changsub dating rumors relationship.

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The three of us are really close. But he didnt really have to show it off to his fans, and theres no way that his fans would like it (him being in a relationship). While most netizens seem unconcerned with a possible romance, believing that although he is an idol he deserves privacy, others expressed disappointment.

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So its disrespectful for celebrities to date? Jung Jae Eun concluded, “Changsub is ambitious about musicals.

Changsub assured fans, stating, I know my fans were very surprised. Im a fan and honestly Im not that mad at him.

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After all those fancams, you expect us to believe this article? CHANGSUB I want to FART but that would be too much. At this time, one person described as Jung has her arms crossed with someone reported to be Lee, showing a friendly atmosphere. The trainee who doesnt rank high despite the grea.

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Isnt it even funnier to think that theres no relationship and yet youre going around linking arms? I personally think they still would be able to gain a f*cking huge fame. Were really just close colleagues. He shouldve at least been more careful for the sake of the team.

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That day, we met to talk about our musical and while going down the steps, she said she was scared so she held onto me. Its claimed Changsub showed up at a fan meeting on the same day wearing the same outfit seen in the video.

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However, the issue did not go down soon, as fans expressed their anger towards other specific elements about the occurrence. He needs to know his limits ㅋㅋㅋ I get that idols are people too and can go on dates and all but who does he think is paying for the money that he spends on his car and gives to his parents? Did he really have to bring his girlfriend to a cafe near the fansign venue just a few hours before it started?

Wow, he knows how hard Sungjae had to work to get BtoBs name out there. She often makes TV appearances, stars in M/V, CF d.

They love all the perks changsub dating rumors come with being an idol and then start screaming that theyre shackled!

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