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I just chart for dating kerr jars the dxting about how A Kerr was jas Christian man and believed God would not let his Jar factory be destroyed. I’ve ordered the Red Bookwhich should vhart me narrow down the search. Jesse, I can’t say with certainty when the jar was made, but it might be from 1945. Many reproduction companies list chandler dating same date or dating a temperamental man number on jars that have been produced over several decades.

You might try searching ebay with chart for dating kerr jars keywords to find similar jelly glasses on that site. Inspect the jar from bottom to top. On the sidewalls they say Kerr, Self Sealing, Mason. Like you I could find no information on this specific jar (taking just a sample of each style jar). So the one i have was it made before? The Hazel-Atlas company was in business from 1902 to 1964. Hi – I’ve read through your site and still am not sure how old my jar is.

Anyone ever heard of this before?

Those jars would date from sometime after 1903, up to approximately 1912 or soon thereafter. Country Living participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

Circling the bottom it says, “Kerr Glass Mfg.

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They identify the position that the mold in which the jar was made held on the glassmaking machine. Kerr is most well known as producers of several kinds of fruit jars used for home canning. I really appreciate your posting this info on my site!

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Hot air is less dense, so in fact, would create a lower pressure area inside the jar. San Francisco man Julius Landsberger patented metal lids fastened onto a composition gasket.

Hobnail Votive Candle Cups (from left to right): Red or Reddish Amberina, marked “PAT JULY 11, 1939” Cobalt Blue, marked “MADE IN TAIWAN” Amber, marked “MADE IN U. Match your jar to one of those listed and check the dates. Kerr glass allowed my ex father-in-law to give his family a good life. When heated, it would melt to create a seal.

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I have to say, you seem to be a thoughtful and patient (emphasis on patient) person, please keep up the good work! Please bookmark this site (mark it as a Favorite) and I hope you will return often. Missing the topper cuts the price in half. Alot of the insulators marked “KERR” from the early to mid 1970s are in a grayish or very slightly greenish “off-clear” glass, so that would make sense that alot of cullet was used to make them, and Kerr wasn’t able to completely “decolorize” the recycled glass to make the insulators totally clear.

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This was typical of a lot of earlier utilitarian glass where they were “cranking them out” at the factory as fast as possible. The reason I mentioned the seams is that I had read (maybe in one of those bogus articles? That would explain what you just described. Some of them the word “Kerr” was Extremely small, and there were a few that were not only small, but the letter “K” was different!

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In the case of your particular jar, it dates sometime after 1912, as that is the year in which the business office and manufacturing plant was established at Sand Springs, Oklahoma. They also manufacture jelly glasses. Btw, there is ALOT of misinformation on the web, including articles that are written by “professional writers” who write on MANY subjects, without really having an understanding of what they are writing about. However, we can be sure the “A H K” mark dates any jar to sometime between 1944 and 1992.

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The mold numbers identified molds being used as a series (group) such as numbers 1 through 12, or 1 through 10. The “AHK” mark was used by Kerr beginning in 1944, and was used mostly, if not entirely, on “packer jars” and product jars (meaning, they were sold to companies who used them to package their products and sold them at retail) instead of fruit jars or canning jars sold empty for home use. More for colors and the least for clear.

Alice Creswick or Dick Roller) concerning the earlier variants of the Self-Sealing jars, as the patent (patent # 1,152,107) was issued on August 31, 1915 to Alexander Chart for dating kerr jars. AHK” is also seen on the bottom of lots of other types of glass bottles and jars.

I suspect it might have been one of the articles you came across while doing research. One of the most common emails I receive comes with a description of a jar—e.

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