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Cs go competitive matchmaking wait time

Ping, MMR and finally SR is considered. Also sometimes the other people are joining and I stay alone in the lobby with an error message that the original lobby creator has left. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive current 413,430. Players in the states shouldnt have cs go competitive matchmaking wait time queue times. Over 35 million copies sold in two years.

Especially very low or very high ELO players, if you group with higher ranked friend if you are low, or lower ranked friends if you are high, it should help reduce queue times. You are fully incorrect about how many people play this john b crist dating at one time in cs go competitive matchmaking wait time area. Typically seconds, sometimes minutes. Is ping really an issue these days? Due to the speed of light in an optic fibre, which is 66% of its speed in a vacuum, and routing overheads, the ping from Australia to major centres like the US and EU will literally NEVER be of FPS quality.

It adds up and becomes a challenging problem to get everyone good ping and good matches.

At the end we tl dating method nearly 4000 games with 50-50 win probability. Steam publishes its current numbers overwatch doesnt. As off cs go competitive matchmaking wait time GM and Bronze games were terrible before, top500 with diamonds in team, this doesn’t happen now. Until I see some real data I don’t believe that at the middle of their bell curve ladder there would not be 12 players in queue that are close enough in ping and skill to form a game quite fast.

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In Australia and New Zealand, this list of people will help you group up and queue up: http://steamcommunity. You havent fixed your pings/min: http://forums. EDIT: On a positive note I do think it’s great that you use some of your real world skills to make illustrations like this and put some things in perspective. While posting this, the waiting minutes have gone to 25 minutes and keep on forever.

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Diamond is the top 10-14%, so the player base is getting smaller. Are any of your friends using family sharing? Is ping really an issue these days? Divide that into areas for ping as well as rank you have considerably less than “loads” of players.

The whole Europe is covered by two servers it seems. What slows it down is waiting for enough matchable people to queue. Making it real-world would not slow down the computation much.

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But good to know that it works better for some people. Lower ranks have large player base so you should find a game pretty quick. I normally wait 2-4 minutes and sometimes even longer.

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But Ive started CS:GO on my Macbook and it worked on the same network so it has to be a problem with my Windows machine. To help reduce queue times, queue with steam friends. Obviously you already knew this type of calculation would be practically instantaneous ?

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How long do you think this takes to run through on a laptop? Yeah, currently it works - sometimes its not working. Secondly, even though it was around six months ago, it may still have not been patched: When me and friends were MMing it would depends who hosted, sometimes - randomly it would act up like it does for you. I’m not sure why I’m timing out to further locations.

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It’s the availability of people within the given rules. And now it works somehow - no more issues with any connection - ranks arent the problem. Browse other questions tagged counter-strike-global-offensive or ask your own question. If we allow for 1 minute queue time and let’s say the average game is 9 minutes this means that at any given point in time only 48 people would be available for matching with this random gold guy.

Many wild guesses above I know bit likewise it’s a bit silly saying that just because x hundred thousand players play the game queue times should be zero or close to zero. Divided to two servers so 3,5 million potentially per server. At prime time 30% of those are playing so, 105000 players per server.

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