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Dating a girl with only guy friends

Chances are she could date a match free dating site portion of the guy friends youve already met if she wanted to, instead shes dating you.

When your female friends ask you why you havent gotten together with one of them yet. Even if they are just her friends. The point of what I am bringing up is not to say that a girl with a lot of guy friends isnt gifl dating a girl with only guy friends to avoid drama.

Youre operating under the assumption that all girls are sluts with no ability to control themselves. Now, of course, not every study hits the nail on the head 100% of the time. Andre was born and raised Northern Virginia, born right outside of Washington DC where he went to community college to pursue a degree in web development and design. I mean, if wihh gf said she be going out with a guy friend for a drink, Id confront her. Relationships are a constant battle. I think its attractive dating a girl with only guy friends girls onlyy their girls night out or go shopping together or whatever.

So you conclude she just has a lot of guy friends. But I would never sleep with any of my guy friends. I have a tonne of guy friends (and use to have guy roommates), and they are just that - friends, not a person the men I date need to be jealous of.

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Isnt this going against your principle belief? You have to work on your relationship but most relationships hit a rough patch and I know dudes that will sweet talk the hell out of a girl during this time. Im not going to stop socializing normally with my friends to make my boyfriend confident in our relationship, and I would never expect a guy to do the same for me if he had mostly female friends. Studies show that women with more guy friends have more sex than women with predominantly female friends.

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If you are one of the guys on the other side of the line, you aren’t alone but this is where trust comes in. Now, in this scenario, youre conceding to be dating a girl with a guy friend. Once you let all that shit go, youll feel better.

Dont come to cry at me when she cheats on you. Sure, i trust her but Im not a fucking idiot. They will never fully understand Beyoncé and you know this. But for the most part, they tend to make friends only with the male species.

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But im not really like that, ive been the insecure jealous type before in another relationship and it never works. Follow Lane on Twitter and Instagram. My best advice, is dont overthink it.

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When you turn to them for guy advice and their answer cuts like a freaking knife. Guys like being around pretty girls. Ever meet a guy who always talks about how many girls he hooks up with, yet you never see him with one?

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A lot of dudes lay in wait waiting for their opportunity. Once you let all that **** go, youll feel better. If you cant trust your girl to be hanging around people regardless of gender, dont you think theres something wrong with that? Again, having girlfriends is great, but there are some catty qualities that could make any person want to stray away from them.

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Once you let all that **** go, youll feel better. I am all about you and Matt getting together! Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

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He is so crazy about you and also hes like a brother to me! I wouldnt be very comfortable knowing my girlfriend is always surrounded by guys, who potentially may be extremely attracted to her. Oh, so hes not into me at all and I should just let it go? Dating a girl with only guy friends sith sleep with them at a rate any greater than normal.

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