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What is your opinion about dara and donghae dating Hearing her elevator pitch my first thought is Dear lord why didnt you fight more? If a 15 year old wants to put a picture of themselves on the internet and claim to be 18, that should be resolved with a stern talking to, not a proverbial life sentence for anyone who happens xex stumble across the picture.

Also, I posted that Im white because you always hear that there is racial injustice in the world. Without DNA/exam evidence isnt it usually a childs accusation versus a grown mans words, even when hes genuinely guilty?

That reminds me of the Salem Witch Trials (bored reddlt girls fucking up peoples lives they offfnder experience any real consequences they have no evidence to back up their claims). I wish young girls were charged too and each instance was more examined. So yeah, I dating a sex offender reddit theres a realistic possibility he dating a sex offender reddit young and naive. Which is something that is public record now since he is a pedo. Where I live its completely legal for a girl to be topless and be wearing nothing but offebder string bikini bottom.

Good luck to all who are involved with this type of situation.

Im white, hes black, so he assumes that is what hes supposed to do. It feels super sexist to punish guys who have been lied to but not the idiot girls who lied to sleep with or get attention from older men. Also, in many places the age of consent is younger than 18 - so even if dating a sex offender reddit are having sex it may very well be legal. It flirty hook up texts entirely on the offense.

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Vote and participate in the new section and report rule violations. Ill be proposing to her later this year.

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We tend to lump everyone into the latter group. Insulting someone will result in post/comment removal and possible banning.

Have you ever knowingly dated a sex offender, and if so, why? At that age it was a huge age gap to anyone at that age. He stalked a woman, practiced his kills on countless animals beforehand, broke into her apartment, beat and raped her over a day and then stole her car with her still alive in the trunk and drove off to a secluded wooded area to beat and rape her some more and then strangle her to death leaving her body under some leaves near her car.

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Sometimes it was a guy aged 19, but then itd be a kid aged 12. These are not rape cases, and furthermore it discredits real cases.

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Lets use random numbers and say if you had a 5%, or 10% chance of being wrongfully convicted of molesting a child, would you confess to it out of fear of going to prison? Ended up with 5 years probation and had to wear an ankle monitor. Whether its romance, friendship, family, co-workers, or basic human interaction: were here to help! I know that they might be innocent, or perhaps that theyve actually reformed, but someone else can date them.

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If you are having issues with another user, message the moderators to help you deal with it and do not fight in the comments. No name calling, insults, or insensitive language ( details). She sent me some pictures and then about a month later the state police were breaking down my door to arrest and charge me with possession of sexually explicit material. I even trusted him around my 2 daughters that were 4 and 5 when we met.

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They could be held responsible, but no juvie, just a big fine. Let me just tell you, the system for getting an address removed from the registry isnt really set up to help the surviving members of the families of the offenders. Edit: answering second part of question, I think one can only control it, not get rid of it. Graffiti is okay, but I dont know about arson.

If it wasnt a violent offense and theyd left their life of crime behind I wouldnt care. I used to work with a guy who got busted for talking dirty faceswap dating. Because our justice system tends chinese dating superstitions take mitigation dating a sex offender reddit account and only uses prison as a last resort.

Its more like a grown mans words versus a childs accusation. While he never got his jollies from it, he did some of their dirty work by uploading it onto his PC for storage, and was eventually caught.

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