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Dating colnago frames

I would be very grateful if you can help. In addition to KJPoons excellent information, there is some pretty good info to be found via Google.

Its also a near-perfect bike for someone who loves Italian cycling tradition and performance. I’m eyeing a “colnago” at this time on a second hand site, and i’d like to know your opinion about it (knowing i’m kind of a rookie) and the pictures don’t really contradict any of your suggestions.

Not a replica exactly but that period look. Our community consists of enthusiasts and collectors of all genre such dating colnago frames lightweight racers, tourers, track racers, time trials, single speeds, gentleman roadsters, commuters, choppers, cruisers, mountain bikes, mtb, bmx and many more.

Assuming the dating colnago frames are original, Id have this as an 82. The right dropout, dating colnago frames the stamp is, is very slightly bent onto the inside, so the wheel hardly get inside. The Look what does dating in dreams mean Aerolight claims to be “most aerodynamic bike ever”.

Designed and built by hand co,nago Italy. Any kind of help what-so-ever would be much appreciated! But I would like to seek your help please, to confirm if it is genuine or not. Images have dating colnago frames come out, please send to saarf@live. Dear friend, if you would like the frame from china, dating colnago frames can contact to me, and we are the carbon bike parts manufacturer in china, we have the bmc, pinarello dogma 65.

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Nice looking Colnago there, should build up nicely. He says its a Laiz, which means its made in Spain, could that be?

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Vagacini actually sprayed frames in silimar Colnago type decor , possibly using the same painters within the Benelux due to the Codagex connection , and associate has told me he bought a number of un painted Colnago Bi Titian frames ( 32 in one go ! R&D, they still seem massively overpriced •. I read you sold the U Scanini one you pictured here.

Atlanta’s by the previous owner. Bought it for not much with only a Gipiemme headset and bb. Scannini”cut out on top of the bb shell, and ‘Columbus’ cut out in the part of the frame which holds the rear wheel. Is there any way of discovery the original or period spec?

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Please send images to saarf@live. If the bike i’m talking about has the Gilco tubing, what do you think would be a good European price for it? Attached is the 1986 catalogue entry. I work for Louis Garneau Sports and don’t want to show off a fake vintage Colnago to my co-workers much less buy a fake for the asking price.

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It was one of two bikes built as favors for riders. According the the Colnago dating information available elsewhere (Ithink my copy came from the Classic Rendezvous forum), the stamped chainstays arrived circa 82 and that was the last year of the square fork crown before the sloping version in 83. The weird thing is it’s got 3 cable guide.

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I have picture of the bike if that is of any help. I appreciate the time you have devoted to your craft. Here is the thread : http://www. Quite alot of new framesets from well established bike companies seem wildly inexpensive.

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Would appreciate your views on when it was made and what the original component spec would be. It’s an SLX Total Spiral , and is in the 88 catalog I have listed , describes the down tube differences!

Thanks for the reply, I hadn’t even thought of the Piu. Trying to identify if this Master 30th Edition frame is legit. Online bike business VeloBuild offers carbon frames for sale online from as little as $339 (£226). Either way, it’s a quality carbon road bike Against: Audrey Sogny – Look Cycle media officer “I think you should be aware when you buy a frame that it has traceability this is the case for all products, not just bikes. I assume your frame is a Super, with those chrome lugs dating colnago frames other dating colnago frames may have better knowledge).

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