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Dating cuban cigar boxes

Culebras is also the Cuban factory name for specific sized vitola. The Cuban coding system contained letters and numbers that identified the factory in chban a particular box was made, while some parts of the codes were used only for internal purposes. There are two sizes: 107mm x 21mm for boxes, 60mm x 20mm for small packs.

Like what is dating mean to you seals, it is likely that dating cuban cigar boxes boxes with the older style seal will be found. After that, the Cuban stamps were changed to Spanish like, “Hecho en Cuba. This is the current date system. Since 1994 all boxes have carried the Habanos seal as a mark of the cigars’ denomination of origin.

It could be an imprinted or branded stamp citing nothing more than the manufacturer’s name and country of origin. WW2 boxes, where the dating cuban cigar boxes did not cover the whole box.

SS province factories were given separate codes. However, unless you know a little Spanish, the months may need deciphering. Habanos Denomination of Origin (D. Current aluminium foil is actually a naturally silver coloured aluminium paper foil.

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When it comes to box designs, today, just about anything goes. Have a box of CoRo with no date or factory code, only a tiny M72 burned into a corner. A small unvarnished solid or cedar plywood timber slide lid box, usually containing a single round cigar. The year is indicated by the last two digits of the year (in short year format, where 2006 is expressed as 06).

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Plastic Cans containing cellophane sleeved cigars were available in the 1970s. Cuban Box codes cracked by Internet! Type 2 is a self-adhesive rectangular seal.

They are fitted with metal hinges & a brooch clasp. Say a box had defective cigars the code would tell them what factory it was made. Hecho en Cuba” (Made in Cuba) omitting the words “Totalmente a mano” (Totally by hand). Gars Ltd 1997-2019 - No images may be used from our site without our express permission.

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Type 2 is a self-adhesive rectangular seal. See also the machine-bunched hand finishing cigar note below.

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They have the small version of the Cuban warranty seal (no serial number) on the pack. Consequently identifying and tracking them is virtually impossible. And because tobacco quality changes from year to year, encoding dates were also used to establish when the crop was harvested.

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Tabaco Mecanizado” Denomination of Origin (D. Interests: Slow horses, irrational women, fly fishing, wine, friends and family.

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Under UV light the paper does not fluoresce, a well-defined lemon-yellow coloured shield appears, and the whole serial number appears a very dark black-red. These include stickers applied by some distributors to authenticate their point-of-distribution origin. Matchmeza is complicated enough of a new dating. It has the local importers stamp and I checked the number on the site it’s real anyone experienced this before?

Cellophane sleeved cedar wrapped cigars generally indicate machine-made cigars. Producido por Internacional Cubana de Tabacos bajo licencia de Habanos, S. Until then their boxes had only one stamp which read cogar en Cuba.

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