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Dating dan tobacco tins

Your tin is very recent production dating dan tobacco tins the speed dating dion st pauls year or two. Eric G Glad we could help, Eric. Some tin have no CB code, just the number like 0807031231. This page appears when Google automatically detects requests daring from your computer network which appear to be in violation of the Terms of Service.

So help me Zeus, if you post dn selfie, it had better have some meaning. I love the idea of being able to identify dating dan tobacco tins age of my tins. Definitely keep the discussion going! I just bought 3 different variety from Dan Tobacco and my tins all have 20 as the first two numbers. This is a relatively recent EU-law.

One of my friend bought dating dan tobacco tins tins of Dunhill Flake from Germany. Call it blasphemous, crazy or ingenious but I just mixed Plum Pudding & Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired 50/50 and thought it was pretty amazing. Take the months stated and ttins one (as that first month was 001, not 000). The tin dating information is all passed along to us from the distributor.

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IMPORTANT: Per Reddits rules, you may not discuss tobacco sales or trades among each other. Pretty soon, youll have all your favorite blends carefully organized by date in your cellar. I have enough stuff open now, so it will get cellared for a while. However, with the date number being clearly wrong, I wouldnt bet that any of it is actually trustworthy.

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Ive dated all my stored and empty Dunhill tins. Any chance of repeating this exercise for any other manufacturers? Up through 2004 or 2005, for example, the Old Ironsides tins not only were smaller in circumference, they bore the CAO Import logo on the front of the tins.

Pipe Tobacco Dating Tool - Find out when your tobacco was produced! Again, it only works when consider that the start date is the 1st of December, 1995. I have a tin of Ironsides where the first two digits are 19 so unless this Dan fella is a time traveller, that probably isnt the date. The give away is the area which is reserved for the generals surgeons warning which is about 50% of the lable.

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Our Little River, SC showroom is open 11am-7pm US/Eastern (GMT - 7:00) Tuesday - Saturday. Please Note: These methods were given to us by the manufacturer, and were correct at the time of publishing.

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Jonny No, thatd be October 2013. An Early Morning Pipe from the same shipment shows to be from November 1, 2012, produced on the 4th shift (CB022K14), and a London Mixture (CB027D17) April 1, 2017, also produced on the 7th shift. Wed like to put up as many dating guides as we can, but information is pretty scarce.

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Theres a label, and — in most of our cases at least — a handwritten date of purchase in sharpie, but no manufacturer date coding. The year of production starting with 2010 (2012). How to date your Dunhill tobacco? All discussions and comments should be constructive, helpful, or otherwise contributing to the discussion at hand.

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That was not a typo it says 0 on the day digit. Unless they have fewer than 10 production days per month for each tobacco. But for now, if you just look at the year and month of production, that should help with dating.

I recently purchased a couple of this. If you are a beginner pipe dating dan tobacco tins and dating dan tobacco tins for tips on how to smoke a pipe, what pipe to buy, what are the different types of tobaccos, how to avoid tounge bite, etc. Hours of Operation: Our website is always open and you can place an order at any time.

I will appreciate very much If someone helps me with this two answers. It makes me confused, because they could been made in 2017.

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