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Dating historic bottles

I have 4 Schlitz dating historic bottles red beer bottles. When were they made, and are they collectors items? American Glass Works reportedly manufactured mostly window glass prior to 1880. On the base is “MG888” & a symbol that could be the Australian Glass Manufactures symbol. Time period when this plant was in operation is uncertain. Fletcher, Norman “Ted” Oppelt, Dick Cole, Harvey Teal, Dean Six, Tom Neff, Albert Morin, John P.

Contrary to what dating historic bottles collectors might assume hixtoric finding a bottle with this embossing, the product did not contain cocaine (unlike some of the products being sold in the mid and late 1800s that what can a dating scan tell you indeed contain that ingredient). Anchor and letter “H” dating historic bottles logo (shown)…….

On the otherside of the top is written 10 FL OZ. See may webpage with more examples of that and other O-I marks. Link is in list of dating historic bottles, situated along right-hand side of any page on this site).

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Household Bottles (non-food related) typology page. The anchor can be placed either on the base, or on the front of the bottle. For the most part, I have not attempted to list fine distinctions for marks that are found both with and without periods. Miller, more info can now be published revealing the user of these marks!

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Hello Susan, I just discovered I had a problem with that page (the text and photos from G through L had “vaporized”, and I don’t know why) so I had to go back to another cached version of the page (from several weeks ago) and the page is now restored. On these insulators, the “B” positively identifies the insulator to be a product of the Brookfield Glass Company (Bushfield Glass Works), and most of these beehive style insulators date from the c. I’ve seen whiskey glasses bearing this logo.

EMBROSSED ON THE SIDE OF BOTTLE IS THE NAME AMERICAN SUPPLY CO. Handblown bottles were continued to be made into the 1920s and even later in some cases. First sold in 1856 by Joseph Burnett of Southborough, Massachusetts, it was a popular product for many years and was still available into the early 20th century.

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CB – Stands for Clevenger Brothers, glassblowers also from New Jersey who produced high-quality reproduction glass. Generally speaking, I may not be able to answer questions concerning bottles with only mold or catalog numbers embossed on the base. A key concept in historic bottle dating is the high probability (i.

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Brooklyn Glass Bottle Works, Brooklyn, New York. Coincidentally (or not) the word for “deer” in Italian is “CERVO” and the word “CERVE” means “hinds” i.

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I have a bottle that is very old. Because of this I am going to have to stop answering all but questions of the very widest interest to the collecting public. They made many types of bottles also, in tremendous numbers.

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There is no way to post photos via comments – You can however post photos on our forum which is located at http://forum. Two types of historical flasks with the bust of Washington on them, lettered with this company name, are believed to have been manufactured sometime in the 1820s. CO…………Adolphus Busch Glass Mnfg. Many different glass bottles and jars have been made, as well as packaging in other mediums such as ceramic, plastic, wood, metal, etc.

Also see Dating historic bottles Glass Manufacturing Dating historic bottles. Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Bottles marked “Wheaton” on the base are probably reproductions made by Wheaton Glassworks in New Jersey in the 20th century.

But this one was a little different. For bottlees broader discussion of this subject see Lockhart, et al.

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