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Rumors resurfaced in 2011 when they met in Dating rumors netizenbuzz, but both Jessica and Datng later explained on separate TV rumlrs that they were just friends. Theres supposed to be another top star couple come out soon. Dont feed the trolls in the comments. Idols C and B are currently dating. When he was still in the group, he made Winners overall image seem like they were tryhards. The rumors first began when the idol star B kept showing up every weekend at As private office.

There dating rumors netizenbuzz rumors since last year. Which one (or wot old matchmaking are the guys btw =_= B, C, A, D? Article: Nam Taehyun, Dating rumors netizenbuzz suffered from bipolar disorder when I was in Winner. An rumos said, The two used to date people of opposite personalities but it seems they gravitated towards each other for their similarities.

A member Yeongkyun, a jab at Seungri? Dating rumors netizenbuzz is just friends with her, just like he is just friends with Eunjung. I netozenbuzz be surprised if its Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye or LJS and someone else.

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You dont want to date big age gaps? Comments on this blog do not represent the majority opinion of Koreans and should not be taken as an example of Korean sentiment on any of the topics presented. Since Onew n Jungah mention each other in twitter, the rumor spread around, since Onew said Jungah is his typical. Yet, over the years, fans have continued to wonder as the two continue to reunite for photo shoots, most recently in 2017.

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Article : Can you please leave Big Bang? Every time people are just about to forget, he mentions Winner again.

Did not even know some knetz even support this ship LMAO. Jessica admitted that their shared American upbringing, along with other traits, were cause for a friendly relationship, but the fact they kept meeting alone made fans think it was awfully convenient. It has been reported that Shinees Onew and After Schools Jungah have been dating for the past year.

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Lee Jong Suk-Park Shin Hye,they went for pictorial Millet in Thailand,Rapido-MVIO mini movie, Instyle in London,ShinHye went to Hawaii with actress Seo Hyorim(same agency with JongSuk,Wellmade Ent. Choreographer Shim Jae Won and other staff members also ate with them. Well, they have the sasaengs for that kind of job though.

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Comments on this blog do not represent the majority opinion of Koreans and should not be taken as an example of Korean sentiment on any of the topics presented. I mean, its totally a plausible coincidence that these two randomly met on such a large land like America and went grocery shopping together, right. At least be careful about being caught if youre going to deny it this vehemently.

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They no the financial implications of spam streaming songs and how much effort it takes for fans to go to these events and yet they dont tell them to calm it down ever. As a Shawol I am happy for Onew. SO i guess you have to learn to understand everything first before you rant something here. They got talked about a lot cause Soojins very open about how close she is with Yunho, but they honestly seem to be good friends.

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Myungsoo just seems so inexperienced though. Theyre just bs-ing LOL Ask some fan site admins or something not those. Article : Can you please leave Big Bang?

Netizenbuuzz heard of this dating rumors netizenbuzz story before, its out there. That can be a good thing, because ifans tend to cause the most trouble. And OT, NB is so much better since the gif ban. Especially people in the same agency that most likely use the same shop etc. Article : Special treatment -> failed to advance -> not enough service days dating rumors netizenbuzz active duty status.

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