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Dating smith and wesson model 60

Datng have been many special production runs of Model 64s for various police departments around the country, with the guns bearing the name of the department they were made for. One is a blued Model 38 Airweight, with AWT4873 stamped on the bottom of the grip.

Theres no mention of any autos having a three-letter B prefix. Im very excited about it though. MonsterB_2009/NewSmith8-20-10009. Mod 36 3 barrel, nickel, round butt. Smokey: Somewhere between 1980 (start at SN N790001) and 1983 (end at N932999), and they dropped P&R ~1982, so 83 is out.

Built on the N frame, model datlng (41 Mag) were available in blue or nickle finish dating smith and wesson model 60 1964 till 2005. All product codes Ive ever seen are 6 numbers and start millionaires dating sites australia the number 1 with the exception of dating smith and wesson model 60 released modrl guns (usually dept. What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Can someone tell me mfg dat and any info would be great! N-frame Smith can handle more - how much more, Im ddating the right person to say. The serial dating smith and wesson model 60 ranges dont go any further and to get an exact date you would have to pay Roy Jinks $50 for a history letter.

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M&Ps each year during the 1915-42 time period (which they almost certainly didnt), your gun would date to 1921. Assuming the gun is in nice shape, you wouldnt have overpayed much, if at all, in this neck of the woods - prices for good used S&W revolvers are going through the roof. Sounds like its time for a 4th revision to the SCSW.

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Smith & Wesson Forum > Smith & Wesson Revolvers > S& Can you guys give/get info on Walther . The model number should be clearly stamped on the part of the frame thats exposed when you swing the cylinder out. I had no idea that this was that old, wow.

See attached pictures below for further details. Your friends gun dates from the 1971-72 so-called wandering J period that I mistakenly thought Flips gun was from.

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Special-only version and is available in either a 2. In 1996, the stronger J-Magnum frame was introduced and the cylinder was lengthened to support the . It would likely date to the 1920s.

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Also has black rubber, round butt combat grips. Thats good to know, I guess then that its made around 1908 (if in fact the serial numbers scale linearly to the date).

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Colt - prior to that the M25 was . Would someone mind helping me date my Model 10? An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.

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You should see the letters Mod followed by two digits, and sometimes then a dash followed by another digit. An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it. Colt Forum is here: http://coltforum. I know a pics would be helpful but dont know how to post pics.

Question is, what exactly is it? It might be part of a wessn run or something. Thanks a lot for any information you can give me!

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