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Dating with self harm scars

The LW is feeling good now – and that is so so amazing. It was a strange and different side to him Id never seen before. He was patient dating with self harm scars me and supportive and always made me feel good when I was with him. I am worried that this will be a hindrance to my ability to date a girl. I think that people tend to come as they are and accept how to start dating again single mom, even if they don’t think they will be accepted.

My brother’s scars are super obvious – he used to cut and burn his arms. But Scar dont think I would dump someone I was already dating if I found out they were self-harming. FWIW, Lianne won dating with self harm scars over that its worth bringing up a history of depression with someone who might have LTP early on.

Do I proactively raise it before that? Patreon to support my channel: https://www. But a partner is a long way from a second date.

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Please, don’t call attention to new cuts. Or not at all (or not for a while)! Often, that voice is built off habit that comes when they learn that self-harming “helps” them. I applaud the fight, but I cant date someone until they finished that fight.

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When is the appropriate time to tell them/ show them? I have worked damn hard to become a better and healthier person and what happened all those years ago has no affect on my child and my ability as a mother.

As someone already said, it might be a big deal for some women, and don’t waste your time on them. I just feel like no girl is going to want to date someone with these scars. As part of my long history with depression, I have committed self-harm on places on my body that aren’t visible in everyday outfits. When it came to being a playboy, Shakespeare was worse than Shane from the L Word.

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You said why would you trust someone who self harmed to raise your kids. Im not condoning self harm in any way, but if its going to happen then it should be made as safe as possible, just like recreational drug use, if its going to be done, is something someone should educate themselves about the safety of.

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The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. She isnt fully recovered and might not ever be. I can say “I used to cut myself. To not trust someone to raise kids because of it is downright sad.

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It took us getting together and me being her support and never leaving her side like so many had before when she would break down that finally turned her to proper therapy. I am 23, and never have had a girlfriend to begin with.

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In an ideal world, we would give our new love a chance, but the lies trouble us and I have children to think of. When my boyfriend and I first started dating he found it strange that I wore long-sleeved tops in summertime, and would wear a towel right to the edge of the swimming pool.

We just need someone who knows that things might get hard sometimes. Also, please let me tell you something about love… If and when two people fall for wirh other, those sorts of things like scars don’t matter. You already know they trust you enough to show you the scars so its easier to trust yourself when you think they need something. Don’t get me wrong: If you’re allowed to see new cuts, your self-harming partner dating with self harm scars trusts you.

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