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Another person that has a problem with nuance, so lets make it clear. But seriously I dating work colleagues reddit he has a backup plan. Its pretty normal to date inside the company rdedit I live. Im lucky where its my second job (not my main one) so contact is limited.

Rule number 12- NEVER date a co worker. Well, the day eventually came when he decided hed had enough of crazy (which she most definitely was), and he ended it with her. The guy I dated was really awful to me, and basically matchmaking stats me fired.

As an example, I believe that as a man, if I were to have a female boss, that I should be able to date her, and vice versa, and that as adults we should be able to make decisions as to the risks involved without involving corporate. Job dating crit gamble is why most colleageus will tell you not to date in the workplace.

But at dating work colleagues reddit end of the day, yeah, 2 adults can do whatever they want. Just ended a bad relationship and decided to get drunk and get over it. These are not mutually exclusive truths. Its going to fucking suck if you break up in a bad way and still have to see each other. Its not very likely, s/he is exaggerating.

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Assuming you have a positive relationship with your department(s), you need to let at least few higher ups know whats going on. We spend most of our waking lives at work.

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The dont shit where you eat rule isnt hard and fast. You start dating, then a couple years later you have a really messy breakup.

Everyday after work he would be mad at me because I ignored him. Having tried the dating at work thing, dont do it. A month after this his ex got a job at the same company as his current girlfriend, and ended up sat at the next desk. Dont let your relationship become about work, dont let your work become about your relationship.

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Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. If things went terribly, neither of us would have to leave technically.

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But we didnt tell anyone about that either. Yes, but one of these consenting adults might lose their job due to company policy that assumes 2 consenting adults stop being consenting adults if there is even a hint of power structure and that power structure is always in flux. I hold the theory, dont shit where you eat. Its possible that everything could work out beautifully, that you can tell your co-workers, theyd be supportive and wont be weirded out/resentful/jealous etc.

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Oh shit this story is going to end with him dying. Unfortunately, word got out and my boss and coworkers were very petty- and one of them had dated him before and was NOT over it (I was new and had no idea of their history).

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Dont dip your pen in the company inkwell. Hes a little uglier than you, a little shorter than you, makes a little less money (you think), has a smaller dick (not that you stare at his crotch and think about her riding him all the time or anything), and his personal hygiene is just a little worse than yours. She basically said the only time its a 100% bad idea is when there is a direct power dynamic between you (e.

So why did you ask this question again? But my experience with it has been overall pretty good. Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your situation alone. I suppose theyre not technically a co-worker at that point.

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