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It’s not as much to me about the age difference to me (although I get your point about the men and younger women relationships on TV)it’s just that the relationship didn’t work. The preparation for the final episode, with Vic talking to her dad (John Doman) about being a “girl” and grieving over her lost baby barrel racing dating sites her worrying over Walt’s safety weren’t enough for me to accept her transformation in the last episode.

Women remain beautiful and sexy and worthy of love when they pass that 40 mark. When it was good, it was very good, and the actors were almost always strong do vic and walt hook up secondary characters - Beverly was my favorite this season), but there dating odessa a lot of meh.

Do vic and walt hook up this issue, the show may have already put itself in a point of no return as far as the Vic–Walt romance is concerned. I just wish Vic had hooked up with Travis. Note that Cady was eager yet independently (a-Marthereal) wanting to please Walt, while Vic was eager yet almost wholly dependently wanting to engage Walt in an unseen dynamic with her own father.

In real life, the actors’ ages are 54 and 37. Pretty much what you would expect from a man of any age. When Cady ask Walt why Vic can’t be sheriff, he says, “She’s a cop, through and through.

I totally agree that there is a dearth of good roles for women over 40 on TV. Having him leave made off screen with no explanation was so lazy.

In this case, I feel they didn’t need quite that much exposure. I think I agree with most folks here.

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I haven’t read the books and didn’t realize Walt and Vic were together in them. I’m married to a man 19 years older than me and do you know why? My husband and I married when he was 60 and I was 30. Over the six seasons, Mathias’ hostility and mistrust of the white police force was tempered with his desire to do his job for the people on the reservation.

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During his own investigation into his wifes death, Walt learned that Beck was hired to kill Martha, and then he was killed shortly thereafter to prevent him from talking to Walt. I suppose you can argue the TV show fixed that by having their relationship come to fruition MOSTLY after he resigns. I loved the series and so wish it wouldn’t have ended!

I guess this is a way to keep her nearby though. I especially like your wisdom in that even if the ending was way too saccarine, that still leaves 5.

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It isn’t the answer anyone expected. In the books, it is established that Walt is a college graduate and Vietnam War veteran, and has been the Absaroka County Sheriff since the early 1980s.

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I watched Longmire mostly for the cinematography. Yeah, what happened to the crazy Chance Gilbert family?

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He finally made the move to do something about it, even though he was her boss and shouldn’t have. I certainly don’t mean to be disrespectful.

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And we come to the heart of the question. Robert Taylor is a great actor . Like the scenes, where we see Walts heightened awareness that Vic was in the room next door when they stayed at the motel.

I do dating websites stocks Zachs character and think they could make a good couple, but that could happen without her taking her fathers place aalt sheriff!

Too ul, I had been thinking walf reading the books but I really hate the Vic/Walt romance so knowing this makes it less likely I will read them--unless in the books they are closer in age and the relationship develops do vic and walt hook up organically, without the paternal vibe that I got from Walt in the series until close to the end.

Maybe we’ll learn what it is in season 5. A little nutty dating someone with severe ptsd me that Cady who has no law enforcement experience other than having a sheriff for a father would go for that position.

I have an objection to the portrayal of Native Americans and the dilemma over the sick child.

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