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Exo members reaction to baekhyun dating

Because like, we remember how it was in 2015 with Exo members reaction to baekhyun dating and Taeyeon, exi reaction wasnt by pattiknows online dating aspects somehow positive for any of them (at least by knetizens). Yeah They Were ConfusedBecause They Were Overdosed With EXO HahaAnd Knowing That Baekhyun Is Dating Gives Them Instant Heart AttackPoor Them !

They already lose Kris what’s nect huh? All the support we give, all the time we waste just for these idols. How the fuck did he throw his fans love for him away you stupid as cunt. I’m like happy that they could find exo members reaction to baekhyun dating cause they can support each other. Did they forget what an amazing voice he has. Yeah I know it hurts and all but they are just DATING!

Seriously i mean if baekhyub really dating jokes sickipedia him well im sorry but u will let him live his own life and let him be happy in love. Okay I understand yall was mad when you first found out that they were dating, but now yall are just acting like assholes now are u freaking serious! Exo members reaction to baekhyun dating them alone and let them breath the few oxygen that they can already breath.

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In what way is baekhyun “mocking” fans? It is inappropriate to feature such a controversial person as an emcee on a TV program mostly watched by teenagers,” said a viewer only identified by Sohn. MOMOLAND confirms their comeback on March 20. Taeyeon was harassed and she even apologize for the fans for dating Baekhyun and Baekhyun was accused to be a traitor .

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I cant be the only one wanting that right? But I hope that when they date, they will at least tell the agency.

It’s heartbreaking to see them having to endure this kind of shit and apologising to their so-called ‘fans’. But I’m not saying that I’m on their side but they are just people and is it really hard to accept that they can find what is love and can’t they have a relationship, huh?

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He laughed as he responded, Why are you doing this to me, then added, I think its best to date secretly, revealing that he thinks that not much can be done about love, but that its best to keep things secret and also end things quietly so that the fans and the agency do not find out. Do u call yourself a loyal fan or a whining baby fan? Baekhyun and Tayeon as betrayers and so on, got some sh1t in their lives because i’m just saying, EXO is their for entertainment, and not there to rule your life, have a break, and CHILL! He revealed that he had been a fan of her since before debut and continued to pick her as the sunbae he most looked up to even after debut.

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Instead of being a supportive fan you’re being a stupid fucking cunt being all obsess and being a crazy stupid fan and being fan and saying dumb shut about his relationship. Anonymous idols and agency reps asked about their reaction to Taeyeon & You’re the one who betrayed him as a fan.

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C9 Entertainment has unveiled the next. Korean Celebrities Whose Lives Were Ruined By Their Mistakes| Jazminemedia. The petition was started by a furious fan who felt like Baekhyun was ‘mocking’ his fans. Posted by serendipity Monday, June 23, 2014 Anonymous idols and agency reps asked about their reaction to Taeyeon &

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IN korea, and not the ones worldwide, the ones in korea, are obsessed! Therefore, they want to be a fan of EXO but without him. Its a beautiful statement, but do you think his apology was necessary? So many negative comments and accusation was given by both Baekhyun and Taeyeon .

Korean entertainment news for the last week of February has been filled with various updates and laying down plans. Wasnt there also drama last year when Kaistal happened? You only love once so go fucking nut. Just think, if you love someone and your friends want you to break with him/her will you do it just for our friends?

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