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One of the biggest items of feedback from our community is that people love to have matches made,” Manshu said. EventListener(click,function(r){var o=addDataOnView(t,e,i),s=r. At(0),a=n+f-ireturnll===l||tt===l? Whether you want to find a running buddy — working out’s easier when you have a friend or person to hold you accountable, right?

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While Ponder includes gamified elements, the core of the app is intuitive and simple: creating love. They know you better than an algorithm, after all.

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Never mind that I regularly swiped through men with the same lightning speed at which I consumed carbs — it didn’t seem seem normal or right for one to not already possess girlfriends. Credentials=function(){return this. Element(t){initializedOnLoad&&initializeEventsFromDom(publicVisitState,t)}function initializeGtm(t){!

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