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I really liked dzting questionnaires that she offers in each chapter, its a great tool for defining your own values. Haffner, a long-time sex educator and president of the Sexualtiy Information and Education Council of the US from diapers to dating, has a 13-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son, so her advice from diapers to dating above all reality-based. But maybe she did this b/c all of the basic information and dating in boston area is covered through age 12 (I only read through elementary school since my daughter is not close to middle school age), and the same principles would apply and repeat themselves for high school.

I found it super helpful, and itll be who rihanna dating 2017 go-to reference for this topic. This book isnt what I hoped it would be, but Im glad I read it all the same.

Some helpful advice, but the author is one of those crazy helicopter parent types. I found it super helpful, and itll be my go-to reference for this topic. I got this book from the library because I from diapers to dating to be more than the father who brandishes a shotgun every time a pubescent boy comes within a mile radius of my daughter.

An interesting overview of how to consistently, accurately introduce sexuality to your kids, while gaining their trust, datong encouraging them to talk to you about sexuality. My major criticism of the book was that despite the authors stated t and feminist leanings, she has a lot more to say about teenage girls attire and provocativeness than boys bodies and hypermasculinity.

Originally checked this out of the library but found myself ordering a copy to have in my personal library while halfway through reading it.

Completing the CAPTCHA proves simmons dating kendall are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Take her advice with a (hefty) grain of salt. What they watch on TV in their bedrooms is from diapers to dating least of our worries.

Liked the book so much I bought it.

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I absolutely agree with her ideas. Haffner confronts the issue head on while aknowledging the difficulties that we face as parents with our own comfort discussing sex and sexuallity with our children. Read this mostly because my daughter is rapidly heading toward puberty (shes 9). I love how the book is set up with questions regarding This is a fantastic book on the topic of building open healthy lines of communication between you and your child regarding sexuality.

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Excellent book to talk to your young children about sexuality with common sense approach. She really upped my confidence for being able to raise sexually informed kids. And dont we all want to do a better job talking about sexuality with our kids than our parents did? However, I found it difficult to take Haffners advice at face value when she rarely cites specific, empirical evidence.

The only criticism that I have is that it ends at age 12 rather than through high school, which seems premature. Haffner confronts the issue head on while aknowledging the difficulties that we face as parents with our own comfort discussing sex and sexuallity with our children. I like the way the book is written it is very accessible and I would recommend it to people with kids or who think they might have kids one day.

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If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Basically having the birds and the bees book mysteriously showing up in our rooms when were 12 or so, with no additional conversation or follow up? I cant say enough how wonderful this book is! Edition Statement 2nd Revised ed.

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I read the chapters from ages 5-8 and up, so cannot provide review on the earlier chapters. We are bombarded by messages about sexuality in our society, and in my opinion, this book can help parents guide their children. She doesnt make me feel like a loser for not looking forward to any of it.

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With internet accessing phones in every teens hands. I enjoyed the authors direct approach to discussing sexuality with children. If you are looking for help in getting the right message across to your kids then definitely read!

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She also gives some very specific dialogs for conveying family values about various topics, from TV, to how to dress, to looking at Playboy or other adult magazines to dealing with sexual orientation. Whether we want to believe it or not, all children, regardless of age are sexual beings, and get their cues for dealing with their own sexuality from their parents and caregivers, therefore its important to understand our own feelings on topics of sexuality. This is an excellent and honest discussion of how to talk about sex with your kids. And it covers rue Internet, but not more modern technology such as snapchat and Instagram.

She uses the phrase Study after study a lot, but usually doesnt specify what the studies were. The book discusses cating from naming your from diapers to dating parts properly to healthy definitions of love. Important to note is that sexuality is very different from sex. It is also about boundaries, values, and self esteem. She makes recommendations throughout the book but skillfully leaves much room for differing values and opinions about sexuality.

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