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THEY DO NOT PERFORM BACKGROUND CHECKS and some of these men were NOT DIVORCED. They try to get you sign up great expectations dating website a 2 year contract job speed dating stuttgart their company. Anything abstract, (hence the word abstract not a concrete object) such as love is not definite.

They had a high pressure sales person who basically forced me into signing the contract and expectatioons me the world only websihe not deliver. Its been 50 days and the charges have not returned. I TRIED EVERYTHING WITH THE BBB SERVICES & NOTHING AT ALL. If you want to write John a letter and let him know how his company has great expectations dating website you.

Great Expectations Review (GE-Dating.

The article claims the judge said that they were intelligent, well-spoken and attractive professional women. And, bitch, I was lied to about what I signed. I really felt pressurred into signing up.

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It was like buying a new car where they jerk you around for hours on end until you make a bad decision and sign your life away on the bottom line. Someone please let me know if i can get out of it or what to do.

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I have been repeatedly asking to end my contract no dice. On the GE home page they note positive coverage in mainstream media outlets such as Newsweek and 48 Hours. GE but the only difference was is that people were set up on blind dates.

My request was flat-out refused. Don’t be a Victim of the Great Expectation Dating Service!

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My foolish heart was led to believe that my relationship with them was going to be just about as good as the one I have with my Lord Jesus Christ. This was nothing but fraud to steal my money.

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It is my sincere belief that this dirty-dealing organization operates just this side of legality. Finally, after the photo and video session, you get onto the site and soon realize that this selective group is very small and consists of few youre even interested in.

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Anything else you want to tell us about yourself and the type of relationship you desire? This allows them to screen and validate prospective match members. It is one of the great sales/con jobs ever created. Feel free to contact me by email.

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Some would say if you ultimately connect with that one person its all worth the money, and yes, it would be, but the issue is that GE is an incredibly overpriced service. Great Expectations Review (GE-Dating.

Not one contact since initial sign up when the girl told me she had 2 guys for me. If all great expectations dating website well, the money becomes an afterthought, but in edpectations percentage of cases does that actually happen? I went in - price went from 7K to 1K + 500 for pics, online access etc.

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