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A dragon will come into the store and indicate it requires help but you cannot understand it. Requirements: Hometown story dating Animal Feed for sale in your shop. Guess what is one of the requirements for the player to be able to talk to the Harvest God outside of cutscenes. With a thorough mix of adventure, discovery, and wonder, Hometown Story aims to fill the hearts of gamers both young and old with a fanciful, surprising and engaging gaming experience.

Not dating eccc of official title I shall call it Hometown story dating Gift for now. Agree to go, and you might make a few new acquaintances. Anna shares a hometown story dating of information about the Mayors hobby. Hometown story dating Have the Toy Star for sale in your shop.

Requirements: Buy the last of the requested animal feed. The monster detector event seems like yet another Jacques being The Load event until the very end where the detector starts beeping in the scarecrows presence, but the implications are ignored as Pochica assumes Jacques just got a defective machine.

She lives by this motto hometown story dating, in fact. For a girl protagonist this is the Feminine Outfit. Shinji comes into the dahing and asks you to bring him a gift to his house, anything you like.

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Steve arrives at your shop to introduce himself. Philip buys the Tin Doll for Lamisa.

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It can get outright disorienting on the store and waterfall maps and also has angles that are used only in front of house doors the worse cases of the latter are Jacques and Shinjis houses, that cause an abrubt 180° angle switch, which can easily make the player do an involuntary u-turn. You automatically follow to see what shes using it for.

A new magical villager appears, complete with sidekick. Requirements: Have the Tin Doll for sale in your shop. At the same time, numerous monsters are threatening the towns border. Harvey will ask you if you want to see the completed fort and invites you over for a small party.

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Requirements: Have Fingerprints Kit for sale in your shop. Magic Feather: One of the blue feather custscenes doesnt actually consume the blue feather because of this trope. A major difference between the two is you inherit a store instead of a farm. In exchange for your help, she offers you yet another meal.

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You are recommended to go see Aisha by Pochica. Note: Get the Wooden Board by talking to Jack after the event starts.

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Anna is the daughter of Rachael, who runs the restaurant in town. The Player Character is better than both of them at solving mysteries, and is a Shopkeeper. She tries to sell you an expensive vase.

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Hometown Story - Walkthrough [Part 81 Death. One example of this are the passwords in the ledger (Passwords earned in the 3DS version are used for bonuses in a yet-to-be-released smartphone version).

Twin blacksmiths appear at your shop to introduce themselves and make a ex boyfriend dating someone else. Playable Epilogue: You can get more blue datijg fragments is you continue hometown story dating the store after using up the first one. Carl for being late hometown story dating their date, the scarecrow for not being able to keep up an interesting conversation while she was waiting for him.

House the next morning, so make sure youve done all you want to do that day.

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