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If your amp is under warranty, and an authorized tech has attempted to repair it three times and failed, Fender will replace your broken hot rod deluxe serial number dating with a new one. It dating websites in slovakia black and says Fender Deluxe on the front.

The first is a shorted tube, which are known to char the screen resistors. When the More Drive is not selected the J111 JFETs react no differently than two very large resistances. Theyre very common in both tube hook up jjj solid state amps. A lot of the HRDs are a little hot from the factory and can gain some more clean headroom with a bias job within specs by a good tech, which theyll do anyways if you have the power tubes swapped out.

It is serial # B-267015 hot rod deluxe serial number dating has one 12 Eminence speaker. According to their website it is 2005 and the 37th week. I am wondering if there are recommended mods that make these even better, or are there other cool things I need to know about this amp.

Smaller will only raise gain in higher frequencies. From there there will be a mixing stage for the channels and reverb and on to the power amp.

According to Shane Nicholas, Marketing Manager of Fender amps.

Hot Rods come with the Eminence Legend 125. There are many classic Fender amps which have a SS rectifier, the blackface Twin Dating sf being one. If you like what youre hearing i wouldnt worry about the speaker yet there are better speakers to put in there.

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Re-read the part I just highlighted in your statement there. Generally speaking, most of the stuff on this site can be applied the Hot Rod Deville, some of this can be applied to the Blues Deluxe/Deville, and very few of it can be applied to the Blues Junior or Pro Junior. The factory bias is 60 mA total for both 6L6s. Webmaster note: not necessarily true.

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The HR has improved distortion (drive) with more drive added. HR has somewhat fuller reverb due to the design of the reverb return. This will create a little less low end in the HR. I did have it unplugged when I took the back off.

These are not real customer support questions ask those types of questions in the Fender Forum. Whats the difference between the Hot Rod Deluxe and Deville? Yep, pretty much evreything Unbridled says sounds right to me.

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Deluxe/Deville—which were covered in tweed. Hot Rod a more vintage-like feel. In the BD there is half a tube unused.

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Look for speaker date codes or something like that. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I cannot find the QA tag they speak of on the fender website? The Lacquered Tweed Hot Rods have a Jensen P12N (alnico magnet).

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Im no tube amp expert by any means. It even distorts differently than V1 and V2. There will be either a hardness code or color code on the power tubes.

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Ill let it warm up quite a while, at least five minutes, before I play anything through it. It utilizes a single 12-inch Celestion A-Type Speaker.

It wont hurt to sit that long even if you arte folding a load of clothes out nunber the dryer. The hot rod deluxe serial number dating cat dating website distortion is tube generated, and is in no way solid state. A lot of people have heard that the More Drive is solid state, or that it drluxe solid state components.

Transitioning of the manufacturing process to the Ensenada facility began in May of 2002 and during that time frame ID plates with no definative country of origin were used.

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