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How do i hook up the water line to my fridge

You can solve this with an ice maker installation kit that allows you to use the plumbing beneath dating joker would include sink. All other brands, products and services, and their respective trademarks, names and logos, are the property of their respective owners.

Let 1 or 2 gallons of water run through the new line to remove the air. Place the end of the water line you intend to connect to the refrigerator into a 5-gallon bucket. For Samsung Supplies information go to: www. Running a water line to a refrigerator to supply its ice maker and drinking water dispenser has never been easier. Although the braided steel is considerably more expensive, the extra strength it provides is well worth the investment. Flex water how do i hook up the water line to my fridge tubes are available in either a tough plastic nylon mesh or braided steel.

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Take the flexible water-supply tubing from the back of the refrigerator and feed it down through the hole in the floor. At one time, this was typically done with 1/4-inch bendable copper tubing that was snaked from the refrigerator to the nearest source of water and tapped into the water line using a saddle valve or other fitting.

Plug your refrigerator into the wall. Mon - Fri: 8AM - 12AM (EST) / Sat - Sun: 9AM - 11PM speed dating hochschule bremen Sat - Sun: HOME APPLIANCE 9AM - 6PM (EST) Printer support visit: hp.

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Tool belt suspenders: http://amzn. Samsungs Friends and Family Program. Now the refrigerator is connected.

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It should take less than 10 seconds to dispense 3/4 a cup. Your refrigerator dispenses refreshing ice and water all year long, as long as its connected to a water supply line.

Use two sets of pliers to safely remove the tube—one to hold the valve and one to unscrew it. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads of a ¼-in.

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Also shown in the picture are the parts which are assembled for you: the included 1/4 inch compression nut ( 01) , the plastic tubing leading to the refrigerator ( 04), and the compression fitting ( 05). Wrap threads on the cold water valve with two or three wraps of thread-seal tape. An Adapt-a-Tee is an ideal plumbing fitting for this purpose.

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Now, there are convenient 1/4-inch flexible water supply tubes in lengths from 1 to 20 feet that can be used, and convenient Adapt-a-Tee fittings that can be installed pretty much anywhere there is an existing shutoff valve. A refrigerator with an automated ice maker and a built-in water dispenser does absolutely nothing if you do not have a water line to connect to it. Insert the new water line into the opening on the tee.

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You may have three water supply lines beneath the sink two lines connect directly to the faucet while the third line connects to the dishwasher. This picture shows what the connection looks like using either type of tubing: Copper Tubing ( 03 in the picture), or Plastic Tubing ( 08). Tighten the fittings as needed, using channel-type pliers or an adjustable wrench. Make sure the threads are facing the end of the line.

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If your home doesnt have a water line installed from a previous refrigerator, you will need a water line that can run between the water pipes in your home and your fridge. Contact us on Twitter or Facebook and well reply with an answer to your question or issue. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

Attach a 5/16-inch drill bit to hte drill. Brush pipe dope onto the cone-shaped ground joint connection. Thread the ferrule from the kit onto the new line. The water lines are typically sold in kits and are not included with the refrigerator.

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