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Is u kwon still dating

This is the most ridiculous one for meㅋㅋㅋthey are just uploading pictures of them playing together at the same time. You currently have javascript disabled. Whats scarier than anti fan is a fan who turns against you.

He does some fanservice, but hes also just letting BBC finish line dating policy a little bit of his personal life and how much hes enjoying it. But I sometimes go overboard trying to be funny. I think these kids need to get their own boyfriend and girlfriend. If its rating precious to him, why is it so hard for him to draw at least is u kwon still dating heart for the fans who love him?

Most of the time, U-kwon would give his fans the cold shoulder during fansigns and wouldnt is u kwon still dating answer his fans back. I didnt care when I heard that he was openly dating. He should show the basic manners for it.

Fans accept the relationship just fine. Ukwon’s relationship with his girlfriend has been one of the longest public relationships among idols, and the singer has even received some criticism from fans for his public displays of affection.

Daring topic also brought up previous accounts from fans, in which U-Kwon refuses to draw hearts on his signatures at fan sign events, acts coldly toward fans and answers their questions half-heartedly, and his is u kwon still dating always comes to the fan meetings. I tried hard and clarified and apologized for everything he did but I only got marching band dating stereotypes.

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Idk why a lot of people have been saying that shes a Block B stan. Im fine with him dating but hes always giving the cold shoulder to his fans so I quit being a fan of him.

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Block B‘s Ukwon has been publicly dating for well over a year, but the singer recently announced on his Instagram account that the two have broken up. On a serious note, I get why some fans are upset, but making a big deal out of something like this is something I will never understand. Im so, so grateful to everyone who likes me, to our bees.

You mustve suffered and gotten hurt by things related to fans ㅠBut its not like that ㅠㅜ We do know you tried your best to express yourself and we know you think about us a lot! But doesnt excuse his rude attitude. Like I get that youre girlfriend and relationship is really important, but seriously, youre not even going to draw a heart? This page appears when Google automatically detects requests coming from your computer network which appear to be in violation of the Terms of Service.

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Some netizens think U-Kwon has crossed the line when it comes to whats acceptable for idols who are dating publicly, Hes showing it too much, Hes not respecting the fans, who provide him with the money that he needs to pay for his living and his happiness, etc, on a platform like SNS where most of his followers are fans. What do you think of U-Kwon and his ongoing public relationship, his social media activity, and netizens debate? However, some netizens on an online community are claiming that the couples Instagram activities are becoming too much. We had a lot of talks between us, and I think we worked it out.

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I dont see the problem unless there really is a deep meaning to it. In the accompanying interview, U-Kwon gave refreshingly honest answers and said, “When we have downtime, the members often meet up. He went public with their relationship in 2012 but fans have known since before then, they were dating before debut. At fan signings, while artists normally write To.

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If he doesnt want the gift, he can sell it and donate to charity organization or something. In the next album, he even wrote the girlfriends nickname and said I love you. Something like you like my music or you dont. Its disappointing and rude how he treats his fans but i dont see a problem with him being dedicated to his girlfriend.

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Its not like he is shoving it to our faces and most of us /BBC/ are acceptable about this we just want him to be happy and he deserves it. Im not bothered, but its petty of him. He never draws a circle no matter how much you ask.

BBC maybe its his first eva relationship lol. For us, Kwon oppa is such a meaningful member just like Jiho oppa, Kyung oppa, or Jihoon oppa! A member Yeongkyun, a jab at Seungri? I never thought Id ever write a post like this but Im writing it out is u kwon still dating curiosity of whether other fans feel this way too.

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