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They should be careful after Baekhyun & Taeyeon. A lot of people dont seem to know Jinnabit incident. Kai seems to be into the cat-face features. How will Kai and Krystals relationship affect their groups. As dating bacolod result, people mocked Jinnabit and kai krystal dating netizenbuzz she was clinging on Sulli. I understand that fans are hurt but did he expect to get kai krystal dating netizenbuzz while skiing?

Fans were so worried about his leg injury but it happened while he was dating development a trip with his girlfriend. Article : Joo Kyulkyung to take legal action against krysal rumors with chaebol Wang Sicong Source : Newsis via Naver 1.

I saw him closely on 2nd floor and it was EXO Kai krystal dating netizenbuzz Dont feed the trolls in the comments. And he didnt show his full face, he was wearing a hat and a mask. Source : The Celeb via Nate You told me that youd give me advice as my. They threw such a huge fuss during the Taengkyung scandal but not this time.

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They act so innocent and clean in front of their fans and act dirty behind them. Even their hair styles are the same and if you look at this comparison picture, its definitely Kai judging by the skin tone and neck area. She just thought it was cool to spot a celebrity and wrote up a celebrity sighting account but hardcore Kai fans are threatening her left and right.

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They act so innocent and clean in front of their fans and act dirty behind them. Pann] Picture of Kai and Krystal at a hotel swimming pool . The screen shots also include pictures of receipts listing the items the couple allegedly purchased.

Article : [Exclusive] YG calls in disposal truck in the early morning to send off dozens of boxes Source : Chosun Ilbo via. Kai broke his leg while skiing and he had to perform seated with Xiumin at year-end performance. Dont feed the trolls in the comments. Seungris Burning Sun controversy causes noise on Taeyangs SNS .

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Despite all these proofs, many netizens were still skeptical, calling out the OP for contriving the whole situation. And please stop making those types of rumors? The receipt that the convenience store worker shared after spotting Kai and Krystal.

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There were a lot of fan accounts of them spotted together, theres a reason fans were linking them. I said that Krystal hate cats so she rather have a puppy instead.

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I heard from someone else that the convenience store worker who released the receipt is having a hard time. This is weak, we need a scandal like So Ji Sub, Gong Yoo, Kim Yuna. She just thought it was cool to spot a celebrity and shared it without thinking but hardcore Kai fans started threatening her with calls demanding that she put up an apology post so she did but it wasnt what they wanted her to write so they found her personal phone number and started threatening her even more ㅜㅜ I feel bad for her. It was a holiday and my friend told me that she saw EXO and Girls Day.

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GD and Seungri had undeniable pictures and he still stayed quiet. Pann] One more picture of Kai and Krystal allegedly kissing at the . When Sojin was asked when she wanted to get married, she said 37 without hesitation. No reason for SM to stay quiet if it was all false.

My bias (IU) seems to be very close to Sulli. Kai krystal dating netizenbuzz, EXOs at a point in their careers where scandals like this wont affect them anymore but jetizenbuzz a problem for Jennie. Wow, no matter how cold Krystal looked, I always thought she was the calm and quiet type but shes actually a foxy cat underneath it all. She didnt turn her back just because of Sullis dating news.

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