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Last of us matchmaking unfair

At the end of more than half the matches we lost the highest Gold elims on my team was less than 10 and sometimes as little as 3 elims. This leads last of us matchmaking unfair poor teamwork and failed attacks causing other teammates to basically give up.

Is that soley based on my maximum clan-size, which was 147, or do other metrics figure into it too? New to last of us matchmaking unfair last of us factions and its basically a stealth version of noob stomping CoD games with unfair top college dating sites. Okay, I was disconnected from a host just now, and your right the metagame is broken.

I had no intention of trolling or making anything up. Youre new to a Game, and your match-making puts you together with overall worse players (maybe better than yourself often, but still worse) than the other team. When I first read the post, its evident that he has been through a rough experience, but this is hardly justification for people to welcome him to the subreddit as a scrub.

That said, I have stopped playing this game already and moved on, but here are some replies to your comments to clarify things.

Which results in casual players dont even get that 100% game that they have paid full-price for. KD something that didnt happen over night. We can go online sometime and kick last of us matchmaking unfair butt. I am glad to face the true lastofus troll community here as well.

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On a side note, there are moments when rng simply screws you over and over. They dont even do it so much to push people down I think,the biggest motive is to push people up. After 180 something weeks i am now in the top 5000s for clan, when I started as a noob who didnt know jack about multiplayer shooters. How much of my clan needs to survive for the trophy to pop?

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Why just shuffle around a very heavy player to try to “balance” a match? Especially well balanced match-ups.

AMPosted by WardrumShow logs of your last 100 matches, detailing what deck you were using and what it was up against and you might get some folks to believe you. If this system affected anyone adversely it would be me after all.

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They have certain weapons that are typically better than the beginnings. Needless to say, I love it (Survivor Mode) and play it way too hard. So again, where is that fair at all ?

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All said and done, back to 100 healthy folks after the obligatory 20% cut ontop of all this shit. Im not here to draw conclusions about anyone specifically, but I will not rule out your point because you may be corrent!

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Of all the players, ever stuck out like a sore thumb. AMPosted by LadyKrickett .

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Of course the vets are going to be better because they have experience. Wählen Sie „OK“, um fortzufahren und Oath und seinen Partnern zu erlauben, Ihre Daten zu verwenden, oder wählen Sie „Optionen verwalten“, um Ihre Auswahlmöglichkeiten anzuzeigen.

Rules dating mormon girl the Bow while buffing nearly every other last of us matchmaking unfair. I was coming off 2-3 wins and the match prior to this was a one sided thrashing, this followed suit. That said, it is most likely too late to past anything like that since I feel the game is already on its way to the grave. I lost count how many times I uhfair a full magazine of bullets from a upgraded machine gun in the enemys head and he/she just one shot me.

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