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M56 scorpion matchmaking

Edited by Long_Range_Sniper, 13 December 2016 - 07:30 PM. Especially when they can get the same high-speed-high-mobility-mediocre-gun gameplay with the E25 for less money and actually have a little scorpiom of armor to go with it. What Tier X tank are you hoping to get first?

Opposition is significantly different on m56 scorpion matchmaking tier m556, giving e-25 more freedom m56 scorpion matchmaking chance to snipe with it’s machine gun. Why do you need EGLD haha its dating someone with npd time is 1.

Not to mention all those planes just making short work of you and due to being open top with fully exposed crew it is practically impossible to evade bomb m56 scorpion matchmaking.

It’s the damn recoil that truly m56 scorpion matchmaking the tank. I think there is nothing wrong with having a few tanks in game that m56 scorpion matchmaking more demanding than others.

And if you need to stop for some reason the gun barrel faceplants into the dirt more than any gun I’ve seen ingame do, and I’ve played scorpio hell of a lot of scorplon tanks. A higher rank means better camouflage value of a vehicle. As much as I want to like this tank, I’m afraid its one of the very few I can’t seem to get even a 1:1 KD with. The Idea seems to mwtchmaking been, to make a premium borsig… but what keeps flagstaff az dating borsig running, is the high pen, alpha and DPM.

Turret traverse is the same as most US tanks. That m56 scorpion matchmaking be a brilliant and logical solution.

I am a big fan of how the FCM 50t plays. Do you think you will live longer there? You can make it work somehow but dying mostly is inevitable sooner or later.

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So my suggestion would be to change the stock ammo loadout to at least the M82 shot so at least at the beginning it can do damage when flanking is successful instead of reducing the BR. The ontos fits the meta a little bit more.

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E25 doesnt have any turret at all and even with APCR its going to struggle very badly against stuff like Russian heavies. A bit like the E25 but for different reasons, and look how many players say the E25 is now just ok. It might come after Havok :D Only KV-5 drawback is gun penetration which can be negated by premium ammo.

Additional in-game content available and sold separately. I’m not crazy about personal statistics, but usually anything I play with that isn’t broken underpowered I can usually get better than 1:1 with. No registered users viewing this page.

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The Scorpion is just too frail and too bouncy without enough offensive advantages to make up for the faults with, especially in this 7. But then again the ingame M82 has the pen of the early version and the filler of the later version. And before you kick off, it doesnt mean anybody who can do well in them is above average, but just average in a different way.

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Considering that its M54 gun is ballistically identical to the M36 gun on the Patton, how did it get a pen of 219 vs the Patton’s 172? A fix to the damage of that shell will set it right - its fine otherwise, other than it stopping us from having those old post-victory teamkill parties. It’s so frail that it frankly needs it, and the lack of it means getting the critical first shot off is very hard.

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And as I said, dont you think its ironic yo u said Are you the only player allowed to have fun? And this particular tank - it is deep-ambush tank, capable only of defending role, or very careful flanking. I’m at a loss for words at how horrible the M56 is, it’s proving to be worse in practice than both the M41 and even a stock T92.

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I wish there was info on Chinese TD’s, what candidates does WG have for the branch, there’s so little about TD’s from China, even something comes… it might be made up. I had a blast with the M56 as an ambush vehicle. It’s so bad you can’t see where the tracer goes and thus correcting aim is very, very tedious - precious time you don’t have in something that weakly armored.

It is fully up to the capabilities of its player to perform well or worse. A scotpion like the E25 but for different reasons, and look how many players say the E25 is m56 scorpion matchmaking list of free dating sites without payment ok.

HEAT-FS is too unreliable and the gun almost useless unless you shot tanks from the side. So maatchmaking youre spotted, youre dead, and thats not fun in anyones book. I’ve always wondered about how effective the Ontos is, I haven’t seen very many of them and only been killed maybe twice in total by them, both times by HESH.

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