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But its the love I have ourtime dating montblanc There is a big difference in size between the Pelikan 1xxx and MB 146. This is why Ive now decided to organise a blog where such information can be made available to everyone who has an interest in pens. But no one justin gaston dating presented any evidence that makes definitively pins them to a date before 1980.

In the newer model of the Meisterstück 146is the ink feed curvy or just flat like a montblanc 146 dating It’s montblanc 146 dating years since I reviewed the Montblanc 146, and I’ve owed this iconic flagship a revisit. I think its late 70s - the 2-part section, grayish ink window, smooth trim ring by the montblanc 146 dating knob.

FPN, which is an entirely volunteer run site, relies on advertising for funding of out-of-pocket and running costs like hosting. Disclaimer: I purchased all three pens shown in this review with my own montblanc 146 dating, for my own use.

If you prefer not to see any adverts, support FPN by donating towards an Ads Free view, either by a monthly contribution, or a yearly contribution. Be sure to reach out and let them know exactly what you are looking for. Review: Montblanc LeGrand 146 (0. W-Germany, which places it in the 1980s.

I suspect that it was made in the 60s already as it shows many features which other models from the 60s share. I have a similar pen found in internet dating usernames wild in a box that datnig the Art of Writing slogan.

Edited montblanc 146 dating Idazle, 26 January 2014 - 09:38 PM. This change happened about the same montblanc 146 dating as the change from 14C to 14K. The first is the flat ebonite ski dxting feed and the second is a round ebonite feed.

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It definitely separates from the section. If I make no mistake, 144 was Classique (discontinued, replaced with 145- Chopin, renamed to Classique), uses carts, and LeGrand is 146, piston filler.

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If my pen (gray ink window, plastic threads, 14K nib) is from the mid to late 1980s , that does not disprove that a pen from the early 1980s (or even the late 1970s) could have the same characteristics. Both have nibs marked 14k, Monotone.

When they re-introduced the 146 in the 70s they had a split ebonite feed. Actually I have bought my 146 recently, Ive ended up dating the pen to the late 70s after some research. Variable Amount Donations - Iridium, Rhodium &

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Paul keeps busy running PENnant magazine and buying/selling at shows and backchannel. You can find exceptional pricing at pen shows (often 10-20% below what retailers sell for online), especially if youre willing to look at a secondhand pen, which is where Id suggest you start. Our sponsor Anderson Pens is an authorized Montblanc retailer that sells both new and gently used pens, including the 146.

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There is no difference in quality. We apologise for the inconvenience. Since the 146 was first produced in 1950, it changed a lot and even went out of production for a decade. Ill try to keep this doc updated.

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Heres some pictures of the pen I am talking about. His website doesnt seem to have been updated since late 2010. In the 50s and 60s the term carat was abbreviated as C by Montblanc later the German standard changed to K and so MB changed what they used. All celluloid pens and earlier modern pens (> 1970s) Ive handled had a two piece barrel construction (section and barrel on celluloid models section, barrel and collar on early resin models).

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There is no difference in quality. One topic which always gets me thinking is the transitional 146 with the blue ink window.

Just arrived in the montblanc 146 dating of Herbin and Waterman for vacation but will be glad to help out with a few pictures as soon as Im back. I dearly love my two montblanc 146 dating 50s celluloid 146s and my 75th Anniversary.

This is a great resource, thanks for putting this together and making it public!

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