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Someone who doesn’t have close friends may not need people in their life the way you do. I dont have many friends but Im not a social retard and Im not clingy. Women are hard to understand, and women who dont have friends can be even more complicated.

I cant have a giggle with the girls over our sex lives or lives while constantly worrying that my boyfriend will get all butthurt that its no friends dating personal most popular dating app melbourne whatever.

Sometimes hell no friends dating to make friends with people we know, but he has a hard time connecting with them. I would probably date someone in your social situation. I understand the concern for the clingy problem and so forth, but do you really judge a guy that harshly just because of circumstances that he no friends dating really control?

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If someone just doesnt want any friends, Id be very curious about why. The fitness freak dating websites mysore want to give up their healthy eating no friends dating fitness regime as it is what makes them feel good, Likewise the overweight person wont want to give up their snack food or leisurely past times as that is how they feel good.

Does she ever say invite your friends to x and you just stare blankly? Apart from the fact that you will be expected to cater to your boyfriend’s recreational demands, no friends dating drawback to dating a guy without friends is the possibility that you may have to sacrifice many of your own interests. The problem was herself no friends dating her friends were all in a sorority and the boy she liked had no affiliation with greek life.

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That includes getting jealous if I want to go out with my own friends without you, or always wanting to be included in what Im doing, or just hanging around me so much I never get any alone time. He may want to go biking in the afternoon while you may just want to stay indoors. For you, this will mean some hand-holding and emotional support until she finds the friends that shes looking for. Sometimes a person may not have a close group of friends due to situational factors (they just moved or they travel a lot for work), but these individuals can have close friends or family members they talk to on the phone or communicate with regularly by text or email.

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You are dismissing an entire demographic of men (guys with no friends), because youve had a couple bad experiences. And today, we have another true dating confession from a reader whos worried that her boyfriend has no friends. They would become needy, co-dependent and have to be around me all the time as I was their only social outlet. Only problems with this are starting a relationship on a lie and worrying about being recognized.

Ive done this in the past and Ill be DAMNED if I do it again. Despite what some of you all say, looks are only one part of the equation, otherwise guys like Terry Richardson and Skrillex would be posting on this board. Any of you who take pride in being introverted, or different, I assure you, youre only shooting yourself in the foot.

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They would become jealous and suspicious of my friends, especially the guys OR they would have to tag along to EVERY social gathering we had. Downvote only to indicate that either a comment or post does not add to discussion not to indicate disagreement. Probably not a good idea to pick somewhere youve frequented though.

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If a guy had no friends at all, Id be quite concerned. There are many possible reasons for a womans lack of a posse — some good and some bad — but before you freak out and question her status as a nerd or an outcast, consider this: Depending on the reasons for it, her lack of friends can work for or against you. So knowing this how much value would you put on a guy based on the number of friends he has? If you are seeing such a man, you may at times be faced with the question whether you should or should not date such a person.

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Maybe he comes off as kind of distant to people. That being said, more extroverted women might have an issue with it. She recently moved to your city Pro: This is probably the least worrisome reason for her lack of friends, both because it is temporary and it has absolutely no bearing on her personality.

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Then there are some guys who are intensely into hobbies like fishing, hunting, boat-making and so on which not only attract most male enthusiasts but which they would much rather pursue with their male buddies rather than girlfriends. I dont blame them for this since this perception comes from legitimate experiences.

Copyright © 2000-2017 eHarmony Inc. I dont get it -- hes really nice and sweet and wonderful, but he just doesnt make friends. I care more about a guy socializing.

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