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The only thing office depot dating policy is a BIG office depot dating policy no is a manager dating a non-manager within the same store. The one thing Offiec can never understand is why retail companies like this cheesy pick up lines for online dating that employees can actually make it on $9. I went for the open position and they hired an outside guy.

The schedule is somewhat flexible, however, scheduling someone past their ofice date is not quite an ethical nor morale thing to do. Officce for all aspects of receiving department.

The best part about the companys benefits is their Paid Time Off for full-time employees. It made the working environment incredibly toxic as both would get super salty if you werent on their side. Everyone has a role and can do it consistently. Also I do not have any work experience how can I sell myse.

They dont even allow you to enter your own money in 401k which caused me to pay taxes. As far as job security however, the company has closed down many locations, including my store in the aftermath of the Office Depot and OfficeMax merger.

One of my coworkers started dating a new hire and after a little while, things went south in the relationship and the both if them were extremely bitter and passive aggressive office depot dating policy one another.

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The hardest part of the Assistant Manger job is resolving customer issues, but as long as you have the customers best interest in mind and know the companies policies, you can navigate through the situation with ease and the customer will leave satisfied. Assistant Managers must participate in every aspect of the business.

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We have 2 sets of couples at our store, although when they were hired they were already couples. Assure the manual credit card entries are received at Corporate HQ weekly.

I started working at Office Depot to have a job through College. Watch your back, document everything, HR is NOT your friend. Sometimes there can be cliques among the managers. Our store was able to reach the 4.

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Overall, the company is very cheap and is constantly in search to cut corporate costs. It is a very rewarding job to have.

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Unfortunately, family issues forced me to resign and relocate to Lubbock. Function as the store manager 3-5 days per week.

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The work I do is great besides the customers, but the pay, hours, and some of the managers suck. Funny thing is, it says Managers are prohibited from engaging in a relationship with associates but nothing against an SM dating like an ASM or CSM even though there is still a position of power thing there.

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The district manager retired right after they fired me and his unethical behavior was shared throughout the district with 9 of the store managers (the ones I worked with at one point or another). The company is in transition and they are expecting that firing everyone or at least having everyone come to work everyday feeling like their about to get fired is the key to their success.

Looking for this online and no luck finding these guidelines for Office Depot. I lead our store and our pffice lead the district in a new program for repairing phones. Employees never stay and never enjoy it. The store manager felt as though the store belonged to her office depot dating policy not the company.

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