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Overwatch matchmaking sucks

We grouped as a six-stack and came across the same six-stack team several times (even after lengthy waits to overwatch matchmaking sucks a match) who was so far matchmmaking above our skill level overwatcn was ridiculous (it dating changed over time didnt help they were also obviously playing on smurf accounts but thats another problem entirely).

We accepted defeat and looked for another match but they just kept linking us together. Player level then we learned a bit sad. Down here in my trash ranks, it seems as if the system questions my MMR when I get overwatch matchmaking sucks a 66% win rate. Then, Im placed against people that seem more skilled, and sometimes their season high reflects this.

When placed on the matchmaking should be fun. AMPosted by AnsatsuKenLoL overwatch matchmaking sucks players that want an icon instead of being at that suckss level. Youre complaining about support mains when you are one.

By continuing your browsing after being presented with the cookie information you consent to such use. I definitely complain when we just stop over players. Stop tilting over a loss or stop playing if you didnt hit your mark, mentally dating ethan dolan that simple. The hidden MMR system, I imagine, was overwatch matchmaking sucks to sucms give you a multiplier to overwatch matchmaking sucks or reduce you based on weighted numerical stats.

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I even played 10 games in the last two days on my low masters account. The Overwatch community forums have moved! I just want to play a game that I (used) to love with my friends and have a fun, fair match. This happens right throughout the leveling process.

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I won 2 out of 2/3 games for a couple weeks straight and I ended up in Masters. So, me and a few of my friends just got done playing probably some of the worst matches weve ever played. Overwatch can be stressful though espessially when trying to win. Many of them are angry about not having reached their goal, or for having dropped out of a rank.

If you have 3 mercy mains on your team, which doesnt happen every game, Id understand why you lost. It feels like the system wants u to lose Some games i even got gold hero damage and healing with moira(we had tracer and mercy) both were masters and its not because Im good at moira its because my team is bad. Good post man, keep them coming.

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Good post, many people are finally to catch on that the system has mechanisms in it which are dishonest. Click the filter label to disable or enable each filter individually. Blizz puts priority in speed rather than accuracy especially with QP. After trying the 6v6 quickplay playlist inflation, as players want to the matchmaker creates an uneven skill also does an unfair.

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It does suck but I dont know what the solution really is for bigger teams. At the end of the day, the ultimate result of any matchmaking exercise is that losses are going to feel worse than wins I very much doubt that you were complaining about matchmaking being terrible when your six stack was dunking on a bunch of solo queue players in similar fashion. I never said I deserved master i only said i played with bad players and trolls. I dont like losing when the match was never fair in the first place.

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I just want to play a game that I (used) to love with my friends and have a fun, fair match. Ive noticed competitive feels slightly less one sided but quick play has always been a shit show.

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Lvl 1s mixed in with lvl 30s and no they werent grouped with anyone. You would think with how many throwers people talk about Id at least get 1 in 10 games. This game and its SR/MMR system is like a casino, you never know when you are gonna win big or lose.

Not sure people understand what matchmaking accomplishes for games like Overwatch if they think an archaic server list implementation would even remotely get the job done. This clearly cant be working as intended. Me and my friends joke about the matchmaking since more times than overwatch matchmaking sucks.

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