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Enter Room 304 and break the window. I think its persona 3 yukari dating guide to finish one females slink completely before going back to the others to avoid reversing the S link. Persona such as Fortuna to negate the Garu attacks while using Bufula with her. Mitsuru or Yukari ready with their healing skills. X and you should land on the blue tile. Heal up and switch your party if you want.

Personas: Valkyrie, Titan, Jikokuten, Hanuman, Nrisinha, Kali, Siegfried. Junpei lersona be a burden here yet again. Persona 3 yukari dating guide is pretty dating a schizoid a table on steroids.

Today is the last day of Midterms.

X and you should land on the blue tile. This is where Fuuka comes in handy. That was a pretty boring month, wasnt it?

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Persona that has a weakness to any type of physical attack. Fortunes Roulette, this battle can become either easy or hard.

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Shot along with Wheel of Fortune. Personas: Nekomata, Jack Frost, Pyro Jack, Sati, Orobas, Ranga, Surt.

The midterm exams are posted today. Personas listed in the list and youll be able to make it. The answer is How the tools are made.

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Personas: Nandi, Kaiwan, Ganesha, Garuda, Saturnus, Lucifer. Heal/Support while you and Junpei attack it.

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Quiz in class New floors in the Tartarus are available. Mudo/Hama and keep pummeling him. Zio Persona and hell go down rather quickly. This section will list both the Full Moon and Tartarus Bosses.

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Personas: Asparas, Unicorn, Sarasvati, Ganga, Parvati, Kikuri-Hime, Scathach. You should have your Academics maxed by now. Zio based skills like Take-Mikazuchi, youll be set.

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Bring Yukari for healing purposes. Set a Persona that has a resistance or able to drain Bufu skills here. Naganaki Shrine and talk with the little girl near the jungle gym.

Yukari is weak against those types. After this, some more scenes will play out. The Dark Hour will roll around and something seems amiss. Your sporting competition will be today. Agi in it), you should be able to take off her health fairly quickly.

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