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Im not sure I get whats a problem here, but thats me. Certainly, given my current known relations and the history of our (first cousin) relationship, a romantic relationship would never work between us and our parents would nsa hookup definition likely not approve (if we somehow ended up there) and they do, in fact, second cousin once removed dating us as a sweet big brother/little sister pairing.

My sister’s great grandfather is the same person as second cousin once removed dating boyfriend’s great greatgrandfater). Im pretty sensitive to this, though. Theyre all Very Nice People, but the youngest is at least 15 years older than me, second cousin once removed dating our culture/socio-economic statuses are widely divergent. Genetically, first cousins are low risk.

Not because I clusin the idea of first cousins in general particularly squicky, but because I just cant think of any of my own first cousins without twitching.

I dont really factor in genetics the inbreeding arguments are hard to sustain empirically, and I dont have any interest in drawing phenotypal or genotypal lines. We have little or no shared family history and the common relatives are decades in their graves.

Anything closer than third cousins (grandparents were first cousins, couxin I understand correctly) is off limits, and third cousins is kinda weird. Full first cousins share a pair of grandparents (in other words, the linking parents of the FFCs were full sublings) half first cousins share only one grandparent (that is, the linking parents were half siblings. Your FC is not a blood relative rejoved her husband, except in the sense that all humans are blood relatives to one another.

And I agree with the people who say its about how closely you were raised with them. Actual genetic closeness isnt that important until it gets closer than cousin. StusBlues, of course youre entitled to your opinion, and I hope I dont come off as condescending if I have, I should have phrased things more artfully, and I apologize. Are you saying that second cousin once removed dating of that sort of connection -- 1 out of seconr or 1 out of 256 -- would be a deal-breaker?

But if noones second cousin once removed dating, well heck, game on!

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Live like you want to live as long as it harms no one and makes you happy grossing Stu out should be the least of your concerns. It seems to happen a lot world wide throughout history. Id have to go with second cousin at least, just because I rarely see them. So the thought of second never bothered me.

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The royals intentionally kept their pool of acceptable mates very, very small. My sister has begun a relationship with a man who is her second cousin (once removed). Second cousin (once removed) is where they have a common ancestor.

I seem to recall that Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are 8th cousins, which means share either or or two great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents. I first married at 19 and narrowly averted being considered an old maid. Plus, most people historically had a lot of kids anyway so its still extremely likely youll have a few healthy kids even if your unique genetic condition predisposes your offspring to having a problem.

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No known consanguinity was needed for that. I dont really know any relatives past that, so second cousins would probably be fine, but Id be really weirded out if I somehow met a relative walking around Tokyo, no matter how distant.

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Frankly, that is as close as Id want to get. The person in question does the same. It was hard enough to have to explain when we had a couple of shared aunts and uncles, and always stressing that there was NO shared genetic material involved. Depends on if I grew up with them around all the time so that they feel like a close family member.

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Then there is me, the child of the youngest sister, and I have two half-brothers, and that is just super squicky. If any of the names match, you just hug. My first cousin started dating her dads common-law-wifes nephew, eventually falling pregnant and marrying the dude. Many of the first cousin marriages among European royals thus were of the double reinforced variety, and when that line had certain genetic disorders introduced you started seeing it in a lot of the children.

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Die Frauen auf dieser Seite sind geile, fremdgehende Freundinnen und Singlemütter, die die ganze Zeit ficken wollen. To reiterate: what degree of known consanguinity is too close for your comfort? Whenever I hear about it on something mainstream (a Friends episode and a Cosmo article come to mind) I am recreationally shocked.

Given those background/setup circumstances -- just met, were not raised as family, were never treated as part of the same household -- no problem from my side as close as first cousin for the recreation-not-procreation aspect, datjng Qadgop puts it (and yes, barring a family history of major recessive genetic problems, its repeated dating site brampton that is the real grave threat, but why take chances).

Second cousin once removed dating was nearly my first kiss, but neither of us could actually seal the deal, because it just wasnt done. I get a little squiffed out thinking about it, but Im in the minority, and I accept that. DISCLAIMER : The views and opinions expressed in these forums do not necessarily reflect those of Catholic Answers.

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