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Their relationship took between 2014-2015. Girls Days Minah and soccer player Son Heung Min reported to be. Pardon me if I sound cynical but Hyeri dating Tony for the money and recognition and now Minah dating a dude shortly after breaking up with a face like that.

I remember correct its Bayer Leverkusen and this team is constantly in don 1. She was touched but heun was very much accidental. They do seem superior in the dating game haha!

Only two dates and already confirmed? I feel so sorry by the guy, got shat upon perspective and rushed opinions. Just because Son Heungmin is an international league football player doesnt mean that Minah is nothing but below his level gosh this luma matchmaking yelp status thingy in Korea is really ridiculous. My comment is simply making an assumption based on past and current events while holding a neutral standpoint.

Meanwhile, Minah and soccer player Son Heung Min were caught dating in July son heung min dating minah. Although Korea adopted the “registration” system, their trade mark law also grants some protection to the owners of son heung min dating minah marks.

But a six-year age gap didn’t bother Heung-Min Son from wooing the Maxim gay dating woking. When Does Son heung min dating minah A Hate to See Kwang Soos Face? And Girls Day/ their company already got stick for media playing with Tony before (no one believes that was real).

A member Yeongkyun, a jab at Seungri? Breakups can be awkward, and Girl’s Day‘s Minah was taken off guard when her ex-boyfriend’s name was mentioned.

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I just wish they didnt get caught so early. The both of them just dont look like a couple who will last a long time. Is there really anything to consider?

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Updated] Girls Days Minah and soccer player Son Heung Min . All it means is that he was single, I never knew people have to wait ___/ amount of time after all breakups to even go on a date again. She Forgot Lyrics But Judges Encouraged Her, And Then Watch What Happens Next! I dont see how theyll top these.

Please be respectful to one another. The two met as they were both fans of each other and formed a friendship through social media which later on developed into a relationship. Rather their company seems opportunistic, making news out of it only after the second week. Hes a walking company after all.

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I too thought he did harass her but since the video shows he didnt then its good. No way are they thinking about marriage when theyre in the prime/almost prime of their careers. Knets always talked about standard?

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I mean I get that hes a superstar back home and everything so shes hesitant and all. But now they got caught, itll be difficult for them.

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Not a blackjack and theyd probably know more, but its not really a story imo. Theyre both in highly public, highly demanding jobs that I seriously doubt either is going to leave. The number of cases of false rape claims is so insignificant compared to the number of actual rape victims who dont press charges and the ones who do. Son Heung Min is a top footballer in Korea and he spend most of his time overseas so of course they would be all over him when hes actually in the country.

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The two are just in the dating phase so they are being very careful and aware of the relationship now that the news is out. She looked really happy in the pics.

Of course theres a small risk that the person accused is actually innocent, and it could lead to a witchhunt, which could in turn ruin an innocent persons life. Park Myung-soo randomly calls IU and tells minqh to come! The both of them just dont look like son heung min dating minah couple who will last a long time.

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