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Serial numbers are also helpful in determining an squier dating serial numbers production year. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. I dont have the axe in front of me Ill have to double check. There were also some KV (Korean Saehan(Sunghan)) serial numbers followed by 2-digit year. Usually the S in ICS designates a Factory Special Run squier dating serial numbers FSR guitar manufactured by Cor-Tek in Dating a french guy. I hope this article helped you figure out how old your Korean Fender guitar is.

Sungham ended up using the letter “V”. In some ways, it helps to know the story behind the numbers to understand their meaning.

N”-prefix serial numbers denoting the 1990s were introduced in 1990.

The 1980s guitars’ serial numbers were written in seria, ink. The charts below detail the most common Fender serial number schemes from 1976 to the present. CY (“Crafted in China”) - C = China, Y = Yako (Taiwan), the first number following the prefix is the year. So yes you squier dating serial numbers have a correctly marked VN7 (made in 1997).

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The “odd” serial numbers on the chart below exist somewhat outside the more well-known Fender serial number schemes. Six-digit serial numbers with no preceding letters, with the first number being the year. Both the Cort and Sungham plants used unique numbers. Neck-dating can be useful in determining the approximate age of a guitar, but it is certainly not definitive because the neck date simply refers to the date that the individual component was produced, rather than the complete instrument.

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Guitar Repair Bench is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. They are black with a three ply WBW Pickguard, 21 frets, small headstock, 6 point trem, and non-staggered ceramic pups. Cloudflare Ray ID: 4b399a4b989297c2 • Your IP: 85.

Affinity Strats were MIC and started with NCxxxxxx. S series and has silver on black logo rather than black on Silver. I dont know what year the MIC and MII Squiers kicked off, but it would have to have been after 1994 I reckon.

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These serial numbers were used until 1997 when Fender stopped producing guitars at the Sungham factory. Some Squier IIs were made in India around 1989-1990.

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S, E (“Made in Korea”) S = Samick, E = Young Chang, E letter serial numbers were used on Young Changs Fenix brand guitars. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Did they perhaps after 1999 drop the first digit of the year which would possibly make this an 04? In 2009-10 some Indonesian Squiers had the prefix ICS09XXXXX and ICS10XXXXX.

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In some ways, it helps to know the story behind the numbers to understand their meaning. BTW a lot of the Standard Fender models at this time are listed with Poplar or Basswood bodies.

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Starting in 1997, the Korean Fender Squiers used a “KC” prefix that stood for Korean made in the Cort factory. E (“Made in USA”) – E = Eighties (1980s), The first number following the prefix is the year. Some of these no prefix serial numbers have been found on guitars produced all the way through 1996.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. In 1991, they reused an “E1” serial number.

Can anyone ideident my Squire cy00913196.

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