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If you dress like Renee and turn up at his mansion, apparently he compliments you style boutique dating dominic askes you out. Pay no attention to what godfrey says, because eventually godfrey gives up and convices dominic to ask you out.

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To be technical, Style Savvy is rated E. Its just me, some random fellow femmes dating femmes the internet playing Style Boutique/Style Savvy and commenting about it as I play.

Ive played Style Savvy and Style Savvy Trendsetters. And im falling for dominic even if its a game lol! Moshi Monsters cheats, Android • Plants vs. Dominic, Grace, and Renee show up in Boutjque Another rumor that wasnt mentioned here (I think) was owning all the styles as well as having 1000 customers, wining all the dahing, and having a 5 star boutique.

SO NO DATING AT ALL IN THE GAME! From what Style boutique dating dominic can style boutique dating dominic, datung have to go right away.

Remember just wait till Renee says were up 2 1000 customer. Super Cheats is an dating lying resource with submissions provided by members of the public. If you have any constructive criticism feel free to leave a comment below.

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Yeah im nqot proud of myself but i would defently stalk him. Topic and Standout in the crowd which has to be the color white. Well from what i have heard you do get to date him once you have all the clothes from all brands and you 1000th customer. Please give me a code that´s working and sry for the ´ i´m in germany!

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I have had ss/sb for years and never got dominic to ask me out. SynSophia has confirmed that you DO NOT ever go on a date with Dominic. Is that what its called in Europe? Video game cheats | CG Underground | CG Community | About | Terms of Use | Privacy policy | Contact | PC cheats | Top Cheats | Hot Games © 2019 CheatsGuru.

First of all dont listen to all them rumors going round for get 1000 customers. My mom is totally fine with me and my little sisters playing these. I got a hint: before you get to your thousandst (is that a word? I got 1000costurmes and changed the date to v-day and he asked me to park and gave me a ring (gets put in glove section) and we.

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Moshi Monsters cheats, Android • Plants vs. And i didnt use any cheat codes!

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All the cheats are fakes im at 3000 customets and have never been asked out once. I have just passed 1000 and nothing happened.

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I dressed up like grace and went to dominics mansion. Video game cheats | CG Underground | CG Community | About | Terms of Use | Privacy policy | Contact | PC cheats | Top Cheats | Hot Games © 2019 CheatsGuru.

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You dont date him ,as i have finished the game . I tried saying no when he asked if I want a boutique and I kept saying it until I gave up,IDK why EVERYONE says that if you say no to own a boutique you get to talk to him then go on a date with him. But Im not sure that he takes you out on a date because I had the game for almost 2 years and I play it ALL the time and never got asked on a date.

Or i will not leave him because of you. I already got 1000 customers cuz I heard that worked, but he didnt ask me out. He will say lets talk about this in the park, then you start flirting sky 1 dating show being friendly and then he invites you to dinner and then asks you style boutique dating dominic a date at dinner. Um Style boutique dating dominic not really sure but I think you have to play the game two times.

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