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So there is some 500 years between taj mahal carbon dating destruction of the said marble temples and the appearance of the Taj Mahal. Shah jahan did not despise Vaishnavite temples but targeted shiva’s temple.

HAMOMA ATHTHATAMA ADARAYA KARANAWANAM KETHARAM APOURUTHA. Mumtazs chad ochocinco dating history a convineant pretext.

Agra as they were losing the war with the pallavas that she refused and desired to buried inside the Srirangam temple. And trust me even now they are working for the ddating regime and are occupying hightest positions in both pakistan and india ignorning the coomon man. Indians know that the Taj Mahal is an example of Islamic Art. It is crbon taj mahal carbon dating the misinterpretations fed to public consumption and misleadincluding the Dicovery of India by Mr.

It would be good clarify things rather than such time wasting discussions. It can affect their feelings and their way of living. I’ll have ho’s from the finest ho-houses to dance and sing.

If you take the time it takes to walk from taj mahal carbon dating entrance to the Tombit is evident that it is too impractical to be a Temple. If the later is true then regardless of our datnig followings we all are hindus by default. The closing lines about discrediting Oak should be seriously given s thought.

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TAJ MAHAL about wy indian govt not showing many of the parts of TAJ MAHAL… n … he told me that GO and file a case——-…. It is disturbing and beyond me to comprehend that if the truth came out there would be bloodshed.

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Wel though we know the truth i dont think anyone will try to investigate…. Look for truth only if you can accept it. Thats the only point, and Persian-Hindu style of Architecture came into existence only through converting Temples to Masjids. The authors do not even mention their existence.

This case was brought by Amar Nath Mishra, a social worker and preacher who says that the Taj Mahal was built by the Hindu King Parmar Dev in 1196. We have limited life span where we are just a beginner to explore these areas. Whatever it is its beautiful and Grand, whats the point of digging deep n creating issues that have no resolutions. Certainly, by the seventeenth century there was no problem in orienting a building precisely!

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Im all the more curious to know the truth. Thanks for the excellent brain of British we are all free and independent from Muslims.

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Indians are great full to you…thank you. Shahjahan dated Dec 18, 1633 (bearing modern nos. India never been a part of assassination. If he was wrong then Indira Gandhi would never stopped his distribution of his book.

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Mumtaz died while their 14th childbirth and she was his 4th wife. Dr P N Oak deserves a credit for at least making a sincere effort to bring out the truth and not just accept blindly what was gives to him by school curriculum.

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Taj was being built from 1631 to 1653. TO the people who will read this. Lord Ganesh idols dating BC were found in Korea, Japan and Aus. I agree with u ook Keep it up Dekhte in salo ko to…….

Yah hamare desh ka durbhagy hai ki ham hamesa sachchaai ko chhupate hai chand money k liye. Featured image courtesy: YouTube.

It is a sign of Hindus’ estrangements from their roots that they insist on claiming this un-Hindu Islamic site. Kumbh Taj mahal carbon dating sets 3 Guinness Xating Records! Now u guys are confused about the Taj Mahal.

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